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I am SO excited for the second American remake of "Godzilla" which comes out today! The movie posters that have been used to advertise the film are in my opinion really great pieces of art that did a really great job of tapping into the viewer's imagination. These are some official posters for the film as well as some fan art. Anyone else excited to see the film??
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@cityofkyle hah thanks buddy
@cityofkyle maybe I'll remind them to force me lol
@onesmile if not i will force you!!! haha
@cityofkyle @mcgraffy @onesmile i need to go see it too!! and thanks for not spoiling it for us hahaha but my friends also had some 'complaints' about it too but i guess i would only find out if i watch it myself
@cityofkyle SPOILER ALERT** I would say that the story line was pretty bad, and I was pretty surprised when "that actor" died so early on. (removed name b/c major spoiler) But the action, oh man. THE BLUE GODZILLA FIRE WAS SO AWESOME!