Stone Selection travels the globe to handpick the highest quality marble, quartz, granite and more for our Calgary showroom. We put our 40 years of expertise to the task of finding only the most interesting natural stone to compliment your home. We have established relationships with the finest stone factories in the world, utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies to provide the best of all different types of countertops possible.

There are many options for solid surface granite counters, and having a large selection of stone types, colors and finishes allows Stone Selection to provide the most comprehensive availability of premium stone countertops in Calgary. Our experience, customer service and superior material selection set us apart from other Calgary granite companies – and what has us supplying specialty slabs to several high-end projects across North America.
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Best Ways in Which to Visualize Granite Countertops Quality
Granite countertops may be a premium material chosen for their sturdiness and complex styles and patterns. For this reason, there are unit probabilities that the standard of granite might take issue. Knowing some techniques and understanding what to seem out for will assist you to opt for higher. You’d wish and do a much better job knowing that granite slabs are available for an $80 to $150 per are value purpose. Granite countertops grades: There is a convention in grading mitered edge granite to form it easier to classify high-quality material from entry-level material. Some suppliers would possibly use additional grades or levels, however, the subsequent 3 are the foremost common. How to check granite quality: Grade 1: entry-level (builder or industrial grade): Grade one granite countertops are the thinnest of the cluster. They'll be sometimes found with laminate backings or some kind of support as their thickness alone may not be able to stand up to serious use. They are also pre-fabricated and are often employed in middle to cheap housing units. The patterns on grade one granite are additionally easy and therefore the colors additional basic. Grade 2: middle grade: Grey marble countertops granite boasts additional patterns and colors. Their markings have additional selection too. They're sold-out as thicker slabs and can exhibit the hardness and sturdiness of granite. Grade 3: high grade: This is the most effective quality granite of the cluster. The styles are of the rare kind and that they might exhibit veins and patterns creating them one amongst a form. High-quality granite is priced for having sparkling and glistering mineral deposits at silver marble. Appearance: As mentioned earlier, lower grade or additional common granite countertops stones have additional basic patterns and styles and become additional knotty and rare as you go up the value points.  Aside from the aesthetics, there are different additional easy things to contemplate underneath the visual criterion. The uniformity and straightness of the highest should be inspected closely because it can extremely impact the practicality of the granite sterling Loudoun County block. You need to even be on the lookout for any cracks, chips, scratches, holes, and cavities. They'll be a sign of poor acquisition once the granite cut or poor quality of the stone itself. Either way, steer clear of these red flags. Porosity: Granite may be a naturally porous material. However, steps to form the surface sleek and glossy, and fewer absorbent. Extremely porous stones will absorb acids and different chemicals sometimes found in food that may cause discoloration and different sorts of harm. Origin: Most entry-level stones are ready-made imports from china sold-out on to massive box stores or high volume importers.  Thickness: Entry-level granite countertops in Virginia slabs are sold-out skinny. Thick and would with a laminate backing for another support. Middle and higher-grade granite are typically ¾ in. Thick though top-grade granite may be sold-out thicker. How to check granite quality: It is often discouraging to decide on the proper granite countertops block for a spread of patterns and colors not to mention choose its quality. For a primary time client, this task is also very discouraging. If you'll be able to get a skilled friend or skilled to assist, plow ahead and do this. To urge you started, here are some easy steps that you simply will do to form certain you select showing wisdom. It is, after all, an associate degree $80 to $150 per are investment. Step 1: Perform a radical visual review of the granite block. Rummage around for any blemishes like cracks, chips, discolorations, scratches, and dings. Also, air the lookout for the uniformity of the surfaces. It should be laborious to eyeball for a beginner, use a straight edge for reference. Going up the value points won't guarantee the most effective style or pattern for your room. Take into account the colors and patterns that may be suitable for your overall style. You would possibly notice a high-value gem for a reasonable value. Step 2: Check the scale if they're up to specifications. Don't settle for a block that didn't move the measurements you fixed. It'll solely cause sacrifices and issues on your finish. Step 3: Measure the thickness. Entry-level slabs are sold-out skinny with wood backing. There isn’t abundant of a distinction in thickened from the middle to top-grade however top-grade granite countertops will are available in thicker variants. This is not simply an associate degree discretional marker although. The thicker the granite the stronger it's. Step 4: Gently brush a coin on the polished surface of the granite to visualize for polish quality. Slabs that simply scrape might have low-quality polish or sealer. Step 5: The quality of the granite countertops is often tested by subjecting them to completely different chemicals. Granite incorporates a specific reaction to lemon and may confirm a couple of characteristics for you. Going away a white stain once golf stroke lemon droplets on the surface are an associate degree indicator of high spar content. You’ll wish to remain off from slabs with these reactions. Granite is king! Bring your design room project to life with one of our prime quality granite countertops. We've got over two hundred stones in our assortment to form certain you discover the correct one for you. Conclusion: At a value purpose of $80 to $150 per area unit, you'd wish to form your granite countertops investment worthwhile. There are easy steps that even a first-time client will follow which will instantly place you in a higher place once deciding. Another step you'll be able to go to improve your probabilities of success is to travel to a sure equipped of granite slabs.
Top Benefits of Using Granite Countertops in the Kitchen
One of the most sought-after aspects of any modern kitchen is a granite kitchen worktop. This is applicable for every property, be it an apartment, a residential home, a doctor’s office, a break room inside a retail store, or suites in luxury rooms of upscale hotels. Addition of a granite kitchen worktop makes any property a more welcoming place for both family members and guests alike. There are a number of other benefits of adding a granite counter to the kitchen countertop, a few of which are listed below– Adds Value to the Kitchen Granite brings with it other elements to the house. It adds value to the house owing to its eco-friendly nature. It may or may not increase the monetary value of your real estate but it can surely be appealing and entice potential buyers for better sale. Provides More Durability Rarely can one find a more durable stone-based worktop for kitchens in Kent and surrounding areas. It is very tough and as result chipping or scratching the surface is close to impossible. In order to prolong the life of the granite countertops in kitchens, it is best to have a sealer applied on the top. Such sealers also help in preventing stains and thereby increasing their longevity. Eco-Friendly Material Not only is granite an eco-friendly material but it also retains its natural look. Consider the differences between a plain rock and one which has been polished to attain a high sheen which enhances its appeal as compared to quartz countertop. The same applies in case of kitchen countertops which can come in basic, speckled, or marbled patterns. Resistance to Dirt and Bacteria Granite kitchen worktops in Kent and other areas are sealed because of which things do not get soaked into it. As it is not porous, your kitchen is less likely to be affected by bacteria, dirt and other such grime which are usually found on countertops and kitchens. The seal makes the surface of granite smooth which makes it easier to clean up after any spills. Granite is Easier to Fix As mentioned earlier, granite is not easy to chip or scratch and even if it does, it can be easily repaired. In the highly unlikely scenario, something heavy, for instance, a piece of cast iron were to come crashing down on the countertop and leave a chip on it, a professional needs to be called. A putty which has been dyed to match the colour of the countertop will be used to reseal the stone and prevent it from causing any further spills in the future. Family Friendly Countertops If you live with your family, chances are you have kids as well as pets. Now kids are prone to spilling while elder family members can put hot utensils directly on the surface of the granite kitchen worktop. However, granite can absorb all these abuses and even the minor scratchings of a pet cat from time to time. Granite kitchen worktops is many types available for kitchen like as cosmic black granite worktop, emerald pearl granite worktop, ivory fantasy granite worktop, kashmir white granite worktops, steel grey granite worktop,etc.these all worktops is very unique from others and have different types of brightness. The prices of granite kitchen countertops are a bit more than other materials, but they prove their worth in the long run as they outlast all the rest. Thus, it offers the best return on investment.