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Taste all the unique and exotic flavours of Thai cuisine in Spokane WA

The unique and exotic flavours of Thai cuisine from the Thai food restaurant is always a highlight of any visit to Spokane WA, with its very high standard of living, attracts various best restaurateurs to its sandy shores. You'll find the best Thai restaurant here and not always in the most expensive places. All Thai food starts with rice. It's the main ingredient and the basic source of nutrition for Thai people. Most Thai dishes are best enjoyed when spooned over a hot plate of jasmine rice but there are other sorts of rice such as brown rice and sticky rice. Sometimes rice itself is the main dish. There are numerous variations on fried rice from chicken fried rice to fried rice with curry paste to American fried rice.
Food in Spokane WA is amazingly multi-ethnic, as many foreigners have set up shop to provide to their fellow travelers. The complete Thai restaurant menu is of course still available, with a particular emphasis on seafood.
Pat Thai is stir-fried noodles with egg, tofu and bean sprouts and flavored with peanut oil and lime juice. Big noodles are used to make two other favorite noodle dishes: Pat Sii-Yew and Pat Kii Mao. Pat Sii-Yew is fried noodles with soy sauce, egg, Chinese kale and meat, while Pat Kii Mao ('Drunken Noodles') is a spicy mixture of vegetables and peppers over fried noodles. Many of the tastiest Thai dishes are stir-fries. 
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