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Top 5 Fashion Rules for Men That Are Forbidden to Break

Breaking rules can be fun, but it only takes a true classic individual who can follow them. Several fashion rules are dropping in from centuries and leaving marks for men to get inspired.

However, there are still some Fashion Rules that every man with style is bound to follow. These vogue boundaries are meant to augment the charm and decency within a person.

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." —Giorgio Armani.
In the century of fluid trends that evaporate in weeks, you can stick to some top 5 Fashion Rules that are strictly Forbidden to Break and will only elevate your style.

1. Always Carry Slim Leather Wallets

When it comes to men's fashion essentials, a wallet is a must accessory to carry. With the era of modernization, you can go with some smart choices and explore outstanding options present. One of the most excellent products you will find is the minimalist leather wallets .

Having the unlimited benefits of keeping a minimalist leather wallet you can't ignore but get yourself one. These wallets help you keep things light and leave more room in the pocket for your phone or keys.

You can always try to match your leather with your outfit; it always makes your appearance exclusive and sophisticated. Plus, it has always been a pretty attractive technique of completing your look with a perfect accessory.

Therefore, getting rid of the wallets is not a smart move, but if you plan on upgrading to a slimmer wallet, it can only make you look more classic and attractive.

2. Don't Tuck in Every Shirt You Own

Every shirt has its tailored style that is needed to be acknowledged while wearing. If you think that tucking in the shirt is a prerequisite of looking smart, then you are straight away wrong!

We suggest you always give a calculative view on the hem of a shirt. If your shirt's hem is long and will be most probably get wrinkled up when you sit, it is the one that has to be tucked in. Other than that, just keep the shirt out as it is.

The tailed shirts and the dress shirts are designed in a way that you have to tuck them in. However, if you prefer to tuck-in a polo shirt or a T-shirt, make sure you are wearing a belt with it. You must know your clothes' tailoring and details to wear it as it should be worn.

3. Don’t Get Over Board With Cleanliness

It doesn't mean that you never clean your clothes; it is just that the more the clothes are washed, the sooner they fade away its shine. That is why you must ensure that you wear your clothes more than once and stand up for a few outings.

The same goes for the shoes and the other accessories. However, it is highly recommended that you use all your clothing items and other essentials with discipline and care. This will allow you to use your product for a longer time.
If you have denim items, you should consider washing them only twice a year because usually, its dye rubs when you put it into the machine.

You can brush the dirt out of your items and let them stay out in the air for a day to refresh them. Keep in mind that you should avoid any exposure to the sun; otherwise, the fabric of your clothes and other items will get damaged early.

4. Bottom Button on A Blazer Is Not for Use

There are more in-depth rules for managing the blazer button than to play the Yahtzee game. Yes! These rules are essential and contain proper justification for being there.
An essential one is, of course, to never fully button up when you wear a blazer. The modern suit jackets are designed to flare up and give you a slimmer waist and stylish look. Moreover, this rule's idea is that when you only do one button and let the lower blazer flare, your upper body looks thinner.

The same goes for the second primary rule, where you have to button the blazer while sitting. Otherwise, it shapes up according to your body that expands while sitting and putting tension on the blazer.

Henceforth, you must consider these practices the next time you wear a blazer and follow fashion rules.

5. Go Old School with The Suit Fitting

A suite can give a classy look only if it fits you right. Despite the variety available in the latest menswear, the rules for suit fitting are the same.

It should not be too wide; otherwise, it gives a messy look. If you wish to maintain a smart and clean silhouette, you must keep these two things checked.

There are four standard suit fits; you must understand the correct size for you that makes you comfortable and yet keep it sleek. If you are purchasing a ready to wear a suit, never settle on the fitting that is already done, and you must get it tailored as per your style.

Besides keeping the suit perfect, you should also make sure to carry the right accessories with it. If you are wearing a slim suit, make sure you do not put a thick wallet or stuff your pockets and remember that backpacks never go with a suit; the actual charm occurs in the way you carry yourself.

Subjectivity is Appreciated

In today's time, when there is more room for creativity, freedom of expression, and almost no trial & error when it comes to fashion, your subjectivity will be appreciated. It is good to try new fashion trends and explore your sense of style.

As Kenzo Takada said,
“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu."
But certain obligations give you a sense of direction for keeping your fashion ideals on track. Therefore, follow these rules and explore the possibilities to enhance your style and celebrate your individuality.
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