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It starts off with Mokdan saying she is glad she could see Gaksital before she leaves, she leaves to see her father. She prays that she can see Gaksital when she comes back. Kangto says in his head "You dont know, but I will always be there to protect you" Gaksital kisses her forehead before he rides off. Back at base, Shunji thinks about how mokdan acted towards him and why she would protect the man who killed his brother... his anger grows. Shunji wonders where Kangto has been, his uder doesnt know either. Now Shunji becomes extremely suspicious. Back at the club, Kangto is enjoying a drink and is met by Hongju. He thanks her for the drink. Hongju tells her about the incident long ago where he protected her. He remembers and said it was his duty to do so. Kangto pulls her next to him and asks, if shes angry with him. He wonders how she is a japanese singer... Maybe he believes she is living a lie. Shunji is at the club on the lower floor. He talks to a regular club girl and wants to know about the whereabouts of Kangto during the morning, if he was at the club or not. Shunji sees he is upstairs and so walks to him. Kangto wants to know why Hongju is a representative of the chosun people. Shunji sits and says the situation with mokdan, Shunji doesnt believe kangto's alabi, Hongju says they are probably boyfriend and girlfriend, kangto says to not say such nonsense. Shunji says for him to see Kangto outside. Kangto says for Hongju only to use that voice to sing, not to say such nonsense and he leaves. Shunji says for Kangto not to lie. He wants to know why mokdan and Kangto met the other day. He says he had to make sure that she wasnt planning anything fishy toward Shunji. Shunji says he doesnt need to concern himself with that. He says he wont forgit Kangto next time. and leaves. The chauffeur informs Kimura and Shunji that their armory has been infiltrated and now it's all empty! They realize it was the mailman. Mokdan is now with her father readying the arms and hiding arms inside hats and other packages. Shunji and Kimura become extremely weary of Kangto and so now he has become a primary target of suspision. He was never around when a travesty occured. Now they will look and interrogate kangto. Kangto says during a meeting, that he will be in charge of the vip contacts. They are supposed to have a banquet. Mokdan and her father arrive first, in disguise. Mokdan sees Kangto outside and is shocked. Kangto just stares at her at first then steps out and ust passes by her pretending not to have seen her. Kangto walks inside the palace to tell the leader that there could be an infiltration during the banquet. He points out on the map, places of weakness. The lady asks why he tells this now. He says for the protection of those that are his superiors. He leaves and hopes that Mokdans father heard everything and knows the other weakspots. Mokdan's fathers assistant has replaced a gift with one of hers. She hopes that if there is where she dies, she hopes heaven is where she will be. She's just happy to be dying for him. Mokdan's father leaves. He wanted to tell Mokdan to leave. and stays behind. Baekkon asks why Kangto went and told the plans in front of Mokdans father and the royalists. Kangto says it might provide an opportunity for him to sneak in himself. Theres lots of pressure at the checkpoint as Shunji checks to see if Mokdan's father is actually a spy or not. He passes! but surely he should have been caught because kangto should have known.... (probably because kangto helped him get in!^^) Mokdan doesnt want to run away, she wants to be with her dad and fight til the end. She is so spirited! Shunji sees Mokdan's dad taking a grenade out of the hat and is able to stop it from happening. Now he is caught and is getting beaten up by Shunji. Mokdan's fathers assistant tries to escape silently. Kangto follows because another soldier is following her. Kangto takes out the solider and then returns. Shunji asks him to find the assistant that was with him. So Kangto runs to "find" her. Outside mokdan seems like something went fishy as she sees a few military vehicles passing by... Inside Gaksital makes his appearance! He fights off very many soldiers. He gets shot at but doesnt get hit. Shunji hears the ruckus and heads back to the room. Everyone wants a taste of Gaksital but he is unstoppable! He holds Kimura as hostage... What will happen!?? ~~~ end of episode 13 ~~~~ Preview: Kimura's father retires! And it looks like Mokdan's father is under arrest. How will Mokdan react when she finds out what Shunji did to her father??? Thanks everyone. See you all tomorrow!
thanks once again!!
thx leegloria ^^
http://www.vingle.net/posts/34654 this is the preview for the next episode!
tq leegloria :) can't wait to watch... :D
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