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Aww, how sad! Kim Woo Bin, Kim Bum, and Ji Hyun Woo all recently struck out with their relationships. With all these breakups, fan girls and boys have to now happily rearrange their bias lists. Of course it sucks that these guys didn’t find everlasting love! But we might as well get over it and move on. The faster these guys forget about their ex-girlfriends, the faster their precious hearts can heal, so it’s important to decide whose rebound you want to be sooner than later. Sure, being the “rebound” is considered somewhat negative, but actually it’s an important role. If you think about it, you’re essentially healing hearts by taking on this challenging and temporarily rewarding position, and we all know healing is helping, and helping pretty much equals saint status. Now I know it's sort of hard to choose which guy you want to dedicate your time to healing, so I figured photos of them shirtless should help. Kim Bum Kim Woo Bin Ji Hyun Woo Now that everything is CLEARLY out in the open, whose rebound are you?
I will not hesitate ji hyun woo sure. His smile and playing guitar stole my heart since long time
kim bum
Woo bin
kim woo bin 👌
Kim woo bin
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