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In Episode 1 of Line Romance, Lee Min Ho was a musician who met a girl on his walk and got inspired to write a new song. He then made a silly mistake by sending her a text message saying he loved her. Let's see in Episode 2 how he gets out of the embarrassment. Or will he? Sharp-eyed viewers have noticed the same assistants from My Love From Another Star. Yes, the same production team is behind this micro-drama series, and we definitely see a lot of similar touches with the inclusion of the same assistants. Also, to answer the question about where Episode 1 was filmed, the outdoor scene is from the area around the Namsan Tower, also known as Seoul Tower, a must-visit location for all K-drama fans. As you know by now, I've fallen for Brown, but I'm always mesmerized by a man's beautiful fingers playing the piano. So whose photo do you like better? Brown or Lee Min Ho?