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The talented international singer and actor Jaejoong is starring in an exciting new drama, Triangle, about three siblings whose lives explosively collide after a long separation, and it premieres tomorrow right here on DramaFever! Watch the incredible trailers and get pumped to see the three hot brothers, played by Jaejoong, Lee Beom Soo, and Im Si Wan, in action. Plot: After a tragic accident, three young brothers are separated. Years later, Detective Jang Dong Soo (Lee Beom Soo) is dedicated to tracking down his siblings, but discovers that his brother Jang Dong Chul (Kim Jae Joong) is a major crime boss, aka Heo Young Dal. Meanwhile, with no memory of his real family, a cold Jang Dong Woo (Im Si Wan) lives a privileged life, but must contend with Young Dal when they both fall for Oh Jung Hee (Baek Jin Hee). Blood may be thicker than water, but not when your family is your enemy. Uh oh, looks like Jaejoong's character's nefarious ways are about to pull the whole family into a run-in with the mob ring. But I'm not going to complain about seeing Im Si Wan join the schemes! There's no such things as too much eye candy in a K-drama, especially an action one. 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet I'm excited to see how these three brothers reconcile and either come together or get torn even farther apart. 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet And fight over women. Haven't they ever heard of bros before hos? Guess they don't know they're bros yet, so we'll just have to see what happens when they figure it out! 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet And wow, I'll be watching them figure it out! 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet WARNING: Hotness ahead! 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet Whoo! And it will be exciting to see Jaejoong in a totally new role. About his character, he said, "The man's lonely inner side is displayed during the process of overcoming the conditions in his desperate attempt to live...He and I have a lot of things in common, so I could actually act even more comfortably. The characters I showed in previous works were actually totally different from my true persona, so that was the transformation, if anything. Although he seems simple and ignorant, Young Dal has a dream. Please watch over him as he changes in order to fulfill that dream." Oh, I'll watch over you, Jaejoon! I'll watch you real close. 1.7k Like +1 335 Tweet And a drama rep said, "Maybe it's because this is his first time taking on such a role, but he appeared to have personally made a lot of preparations. From the very first day of filming, he had to ride a motorcycle and he perfectly captured the fearless character. Jaejoong's transformation, which was never before seen on any stage or video, is 'shocking' just like his nickname."
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