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what is Fabric Lightbox?

Like our standard fabric displays, our lightweight fabric printing box is ideal for attracting customers to the store, and this will make your ads dynamic.

Fabric lightbox printing is a combination of razor-printed fabric graphics with aluminum frames and LED lighting that improves retail environments and on-screen displays.

LED light box can be single or double sided, standing, wall, table or suspended ceiling. Depending on the finish you want, there is also the choice of bar or edge light.

Silicone extrusion is sewn to the edge of the printed fabric لایت باکس , allowing the fabric to fit easily into the frames to fit perfectly - each time guaranteed.
Show superior fabric

Lightweight LED lightboxes are cost-effective and easy to carry and install, while our stretch fabric system means that any wrinkles are removed after installation.

They come together quickly, and retail graphics can be changed by store staff depending on the seasons or retail campaign changes, so you don't have to shop around every time.

In addition, depending on your needs, you can put a wide range of accessories from shelves to digital screens.

Further advantages of our lightweight fabric lightbox are:

Custom frames, which can be made in any size and shape
Vibrant, high-quality stretch fabric graphics, printed using water-based inks
Color sublimation printing, which we recommend - but UV printing can be used if necessary
Low delivery and maintenance costs, because the fabrics are collected finely and regularly
Easy to install
Fully recyclable fabrics and environmentally friendly inks, due to our color sublimation process

Excellent color calibration

Color calibration specializing in the process of creating rich and effective graphics is critical.

To make a lightweight lightbox, we use candle (brightness) and Kelvin (color temperature) measurements to hold each display element steady, and match the specifications of each.

If you think your store benefits from a fabric LED light box at the point of sale, our experienced team of retail experts are here to advise you on store inspection and design to production and installation. For more information on other fabric graphics options, simply contact us at 02187700017 to find the right retail option for your business.

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