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I Do I DO (Korean Drama) EP14 Preview + Eng Sub --------------------- Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) - TaeKang : Do you want me not to go to the States? JiAn : After pregnancy, I have a question. Why do we need a 10 months? TaeKang : I don't know. I've never thought about it. JiAn : I think it's kind of preparatory period. You need that time,too. Go to the States and be a great designer! >  (To NaRi) JiAn : I think about the collaboration. But I can't give up. NaRi : ...I'll tell it to CEO. But If it doesn't accepted, it can't be helped. JiAn : Vice-president, show your ability. > In the JiAn's office, TaeKang embraced JiAn very tightly! He really loves JiAn<3 Haha Then, a directer entered to the office of a sudden!! They were surprised! Hahahaha > CEO Jang called NaRi. - CEO Jang : Do you want to help JiAn? You told it to your father? - NaRi : ...Sorry.. I'll put the matter right. - CEO Jang : Investigate her secretly. I want to know her baby's father. Investigate new employee. - NaRi : Do you mean, TaeKang? (CEO Jang gave photos to NaRi.) - CEO Jang : He visited JiAn's home frequently. - NaRi : No.He's not the person. They prepared the collaboration at her home. And he will go to the States with the company's scholarship. He'll be a star designer. - CEO Jang : Then, make the reason to dismiss her. > NaRi gave a suit to TaeKang and they went to an event. > JiAn met a person who works in the rival company of JiAn works. - The Guy : I heard your rumor. You have a hard time in that company.Come to our company. It's a big opportunity. - JiAn : Then, what do you want to me? It's a deal, no? - The guy : The information like next season's concept..? - JiAn : ..Do you know? Your company is always 2nd. You don't study. That's the reason. - The guy : What makes you so confident? Know your place. Do you think you look cool? No way! You pregnanted by mistake. Shame on you! Oh no...JiAn got hurt a lot..... > TaeKang was upset to NaRi. - TaeKang : Why did you tell a lie? I didn't work much to the collaboration. It was Ms JiAn's work. - NaRi : It was a co-work. No? - TaeKang : But..Everything is fake. I don't think it's my life. - NaRi : TaeKang. It's not a charity. It's an investigation. Frankly speaking, You are a murchandise. We have to packing you in the beautiful way. - TaeKang : ..But it's not fair. - NaRi : In that case, we will think about you again. - TaeKang : Okay, why not?? But TaeKang reminded what JiAn said. He wanted to be a good father to Ankle.:-( > - EunSung gave a present to JiAn. JiAn's baby is a girl! It maked her happy+_+ > - TaeKang's father and Sul daeri drank together. NaRi called TaeKang's father. She offered a house to him! > OMGGGG JiAn's father and mother visited JiAn's home without any notice!!!! JiAn wanted to hide him but JiAn's father found him!! - JiAn's father : Your family? - TaeKang : I have only father. - JiAn's father : How old are you? - TaeKang : Ah.....27.. - JiAn's father : OMG....... - JiAn : Father, we agreed. I will not get married with him. Hmm..TaeKang got hurt.. > TaeKang's father showed pictures of the house. But TaeKang told him that he is the father of JiAn's baby. - TaeKang : You were a good father and I will be a good father,too like you. I will go to States and work hard. I will be a good designer. After that, I will propose again. - TaeKang's father : ......Okay....You can be a good father.... TaeKang's father gave his number to He wanted to be a good father-in-law? Hahaha > Oh...The company decided NaRi to the person in charge of the collaboration. NaRi said sorry to JiAn but she was so upset. > - TaeKang's father and Sul daeri said about TaeKang and JiAn. Sul daeri also got to know that TaeKang is the father of JiAn's baby. NaRi heard the conversation!!!! > TaeJang wanted to prepare a place for JiAn. He wanted to provide a place to relax. TaeKang said to JiAn. - TaeKang : You make me strong. You taught me how to have a dream and be a good designer. I want to be a good designer like you. Then, TaeKang wanted to Kiss her so he told, - TaeKang : Kiss is good to baby. Your body secretes endorphin when you are happy. - JiAn : ..Really?.. - TaeKang : Shall we try? NaRi visited to JiAn and asked, - NaRi : I have a question. - JiAn : Why? - NaRi : Who is the dad? - JiAn : Do I have to answer? - NaRi : ...Is he TaeKang?? Don't worry. I'll say nothing. But soon, everybody will know it. CEO Jang has already recorgnized it.. - JiAn : He'll go to States soon so.. - NaRi : Then? If there is a problem, we have to stop to support him and you will be dismissed. - JiAn : But you know, I'll do nothing bad. - NaRi : Who will trust it? For me, the society doesn't changed. I have suggestion. Leave the company. Even if it was a mistake, he is the father of your baby. And also, he is a promising designer. Don't disturb him. - JiAn : ...There will be another solution.. - NaRI : You know that there is no time. > Pettitoes expert visited to EunSung's house to teach him! It was a TaeKang's Before going to the States, TaeKang wanted to do 3 things. 1. Provide a place to relax. 2. Make her to eat pettitoes a lot. 3. Make shoes for Ankle. EunSung learned how to make He will be a cook for JiAn. TaeKang and EunSung will be a good friend. JiAn and TaeKang visited to the hospital cuz TaeKang wanted to hear heartbeat of Ankle. They looked so happy! What a nice couple! -------------------------------------------------------- EP14 is over!!! Oh No! Let TaeKang & JiAn happy!!! Now JiAn is in torment. Will she resign? To me, she is such a strong women! She will beat and TaeKang will be a good supporter! What do you think? Screencap 1 : Screencap 2 : Screencap 3 : Screencap 4 : Screencap 5 :
@bix2anca Where?
I wonder.... I do, Tae Kang & I do, Eun Sung?....To repeat "I do" is to make it stronger or is because it should be splitted in two separate parties?
no matter what: she has to be a free woman who can spend her spare time with her child or with one of those two surreal men... wild or wise mode....
I'm surprised nobody brought this up but when they were in the new resting room TK made for her, I'm sure they did the nasty. those 2 are wild.
@bix2ancn Yes I think that JiAn will be an independent woman even though she has a baby.
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