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I Do I DO (Korean Drama) EP14 Preview + Eng Sub --------------------- Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) - TaeKang : Do you want me not to go to the States? JiAn : After pregnancy, I have a question. Why do we need a 10 months? TaeKang : I don't know. I've never thought about it. JiAn : I think it's kind of preparatory period. You need that time,too. Go to the States and be a great designer! >  (To NaRi) JiAn : I think about the collaboration. But I can't give up. NaRi : ...I'll tell it to CEO. But If it doesn't accepted, it can't be helped. JiAn : Vice-president, show your ability. > In the JiAn's office, TaeKang embraced JiAn very tightly! He really loves JiAn<3 Haha Then, a directer entered to the office of a sudden!! They were surprised! Hahahaha > CEO Jang called NaRi. - CEO Jang : Do you want to help JiAn? You told it to your father? - NaRi : ...Sorry.. I'll put the matter right. - CEO Jang : Investigate her secretly. I want to know her baby's father. Investigate new employee. - NaRi : Do you mean, TaeKang? (CEO Jang gave photos to NaRi.) - CEO Jang : He visited JiAn's home frequently. - NaRi : No.He's not the person. They prepared the collaboration at her home. And he will go to the States with the company's scholarship. He'll be a star designer. - CEO Jang : Then, make the reason to dismiss her. > NaRi gave a suit to TaeKang and they went to an event. > JiAn met a person who works in the rival company of JiAn works. - The Guy : I heard your rumor. You have a hard time in that company.Come to our company. It's a big opportunity. - JiAn : Then, what do you want to me? It's a deal, no? - The guy : The information like next season's concept..? - JiAn : ..Do you know? Your company is always 2nd. You don't study. That's the reason. - The guy : What makes you so confident? Know your place. Do you think you look cool? No way! You pregnanted by mistake. Shame on you! Oh no...JiAn got hurt a lot..... > TaeKang was upset to NaRi. - TaeKang : Why did you tell a lie? I didn't work much to the collaboration. It was Ms JiAn's work. - NaRi : It was a co-work. No? - TaeKang : But..Everything is fake. I don't think it's my life. - NaRi : TaeKang. It's not a charity. It's an investigation. Frankly speaking, You are a murchandise. We have to packing you in the beautiful way. - TaeKang : ..But it's not fair. - NaRi : In that case, we will think about you again. - TaeKang : Okay, why not?? But TaeKang reminded what JiAn said. He wanted to be a good father to Ankle.:-( > - EunSung gave a present to JiAn. JiAn's baby is a girl! It maked her happy+_+ > - TaeKang's father and Sul daeri drank together. NaRi called TaeKang's father. She offered a house to him! > OMGGGG JiAn's father and mother visited JiAn's home without any notice!!!! JiAn wanted to hide him but JiAn's father found him!! - JiAn's father : Your family? - TaeKang : I have only father. - JiAn's father : How old are you? - TaeKang : Ah.....27.. - JiAn's father : OMG....... - JiAn : Father, we agreed. I will not get married with him. Hmm..TaeKang got hurt.. > TaeKang's father showed pictures of the house. But TaeKang told him that he is the father of JiAn's baby. - TaeKang : You were a good father and I will be a good father,too like you. I will go to States and work hard. I will be a good designer. After that, I will propose again. - TaeKang's father : ......Okay....You can be a good father.... TaeKang's father gave his number to He wanted to be a good father-in-law? Hahaha > Oh...The company decided NaRi to the person in charge of the collaboration. NaRi said sorry to JiAn but she was so upset. > - TaeKang's father and Sul daeri said about TaeKang and JiAn. Sul daeri also got to know that TaeKang is the father of JiAn's baby. NaRi heard the conversation!!!! > TaeJang wanted to prepare a place for JiAn. He wanted to provide a place to relax. TaeKang said to JiAn. - TaeKang : You make me strong. You taught me how to have a dream and be a good designer. I want to be a good designer like you. Then, TaeKang wanted to Kiss her so he told, - TaeKang : Kiss is good to baby. Your body secretes endorphin when you are happy. - JiAn : ..Really?.. - TaeKang : Shall we try? NaRi visited to JiAn and asked, - NaRi : I have a question. - JiAn : Why? - NaRi : Who is the dad? - JiAn : Do I have to answer? - NaRi : ...Is he TaeKang?? Don't worry. I'll say nothing. But soon, everybody will know it. CEO Jang has already recorgnized it.. - JiAn : He'll go to States soon so.. - NaRi : Then? If there is a problem, we have to stop to support him and you will be dismissed. - JiAn : But you know, I'll do nothing bad. - NaRi : Who will trust it? For me, the society doesn't changed. I have suggestion. Leave the company. Even if it was a mistake, he is the father of your baby. And also, he is a promising designer. Don't disturb him. - JiAn : ...There will be another solution.. - NaRI : You know that there is no time. > Pettitoes expert visited to EunSung's house to teach him! It was a TaeKang's Before going to the States, TaeKang wanted to do 3 things. 1. Provide a place to relax. 2. Make her to eat pettitoes a lot. 3. Make shoes for Ankle. EunSung learned how to make He will be a cook for JiAn. TaeKang and EunSung will be a good friend. JiAn and TaeKang visited to the hospital cuz TaeKang wanted to hear heartbeat of Ankle. They looked so happy! What a nice couple! -------------------------------------------------------- EP14 is over!!! Oh No! Let TaeKang & JiAn happy!!! Now JiAn is in torment. Will she resign? To me, she is such a strong women! She will beat and TaeKang will be a good supporter! What do you think? Screencap 1 : Screencap 2 : Screencap 3 : Screencap 4 : Screencap 5 :
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@bix2ancn Yes I think that JiAn will be an independent woman even though she has a baby.
I'm surprised nobody brought this up but when they were in the new resting room TK made for her, I'm sure they did the nasty. those 2 are wild.
no matter what: she has to be a free woman who can spend her spare time with her child or with one of those two surreal men... wild or wise mode....
I wonder.... I do, Tae Kang & I do, Eun Sung?....To repeat "I do" is to make it stronger or is because it should be splitted in two separate parties?
@bix2anca Where?