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- TaeKang : (to his friend) Even pregnancy can't change her bad character! JiAn visited to CEO Jang. - JiAn : Please forget the past and think about the future.. TaeKang to NaRi - TaeKang : What is different from when I worked in Itaewon(The time when TaeKang made imitation shoe)? NaRi drives a car. - NaRi : How dare... Someone(Rival company) wants to scout JiAn. - Scouter : (To JiAn) : Please come to our company. Tomorrow, I'll do EP 14 Live Recaps here :
Thanks Lavieenrose; Oh my looking forward to todays recaps.. Thank you so much for the time u invest in recaping :D
@naila2u Yes at the first time, JiAn was a role model of NaRi. I guess JiAn get everything that NaRi wants to get.. like CEO Jang's confidence, talent and even TaeKang:)
I also believe that Na Ri will start fighting for Ji An to stay in the company. Ji An reminds her of her mothers' plight : Being a single mum and working in a shoe company. But it still interests me to know why Na Ri started despising Ji An !!! Any ideas?
@naila2u : yep~~ i dont like the company, i think i only like DaIn and SungMi
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