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Still "streaking" under the Internet? See how cryptography can crack the user data privacy problem

50 years since the birth of the Internet, while enjoying its huge dividends and convenience, we are also forced to accept numerous crises that place seeds early.
For a long time, users haven't emphasized they are the masters of their own data. On the other hand, the underlying rule of the web is that users are usually laborers of platform data, and users are continuously outputting valuable data for the platform without knowing it.
At least for a long period of amount of time in the past, most users on the Internet have been "streaking". Prior to the gunshots, everyone thought that privacy leakages were a long way away from them.
Eventually, events such as for example "Weibo Information Leakage" and "Space N Incident" occurred one right after another. Folks are rethinking both propositions of "privacy" and "anonymity" in the era of big data.

In the era of ¨streaking〃 users, digital sovereignty must first be retrieved to retrieve data privacy. Lately, some customers broke the news that Weibo may leak hundreds of millions of user username and passwords, and that privacy data such as user phone numbers and historical passwords are being used by thieves through Telegram market. In fact, the info leakage of Weibo is not accidental. A similar thing happened on platforms such as for example station A. On the dark web, user info on station A, which includes user IDs, user nicknames, and encrypted kept passwords, comes at a cost of 9.5 BTC.
Privacy leaks are usually nothing new.
Earlier Facebook's consumer privacy data leakage incident also revealed the reality of user data "nude"-at minimum 600 million customers' accounts privacy data can be accessed by Facebook's 20,000 workers at will.
When people finally begin to realize that personal privacy has been violated and commence to demand emphasis on information privacy and information sovereignty, everyone has turned into a "transparent person" within the period of big data.
Of course, with regards to privacy safety, some people often think about anonymity. But the the truth is that anonymity cannot be equated with privacy.
Before few years, social softwares such as Telegram and Secret that emphasize anonymity have gradually educates some niche markets with a feeling of privacy protection, but at the same time, anonymity has spawned an undesirable side-anonymous social software that does not have supervision and restraint is developing. Help the perpetrators create a "hotbed" of crime.
As well as the every day obsession with gambling, money laundering, pornography and other gray goods transactions, Telegram in addition has become an "accomplice" within the latest sensational incident in Space N in South Korea. Telegram, which is too private, has become another barren property lacking supervision and restraint, and everything evils beyond ethics and morality breed in an private paradise.
Whether it is a microblog data leak or perhaps a representation on data security as a result of the event in Room N, what we are able to see is that users require a secure system that can discuss data privacy, but privacy is more than anonymity.
Regarding data personal privacy, pay attention to what professionals state we urgently need a complete option, which can assist users hold information firmly in their hands while ensuring the privacy and worth of data.
Such a solution seems remote and difficult to accomplish. Recently, I came into connection with a professor Wang Donglin that has 20 years of cryptography application encounter and entrepreneurial expertise within the IT industry. He has been deeply involved in cloud processing and data security for many years.
Wang Donglin is dependant on Yottachain to solve the urgent privacy needs and data security needs of Internet surfers. He expectations to explore a new path for billions of Internet users and blockchain users. In a far more in-depth conversation, Professor Wang Donglin told us about his most popular eyesight-"Everyone can enjoy digital sovereignty."
In response to the current regular incidents of Internet user data leakage in China, Wang Donglin explained that a lot of of the data security measures of local mainstream cloud service providers are not encrypted, which is due to the administrator's insufficient concept of user privacy protection Strong, insufficient confidentiality.
In his view, the ultimate way to solve user data security is: "Instead of handing the data to Tiger Wolf and anticipating them to take care of themselves well, it is better to control your personal data."
In Wang Donglin's view, the Internet has made excellent achievements in its 50th year, but the privacy problems brought because of it are quite serious: ¨Users' data privacy is messy. From the info leakage incident on Weibo, we are able to see that customers have no information privacy, but Alternatively, applications such as Telegram that obtain privacy through anonymity absence supervision and are breeding the bad aspect of over-privacy."
Even if people note that centralized giants are monopolizing all the evils of user data, this issue is not solved well.
Wang Donglin believes that the ultimate way to solve this problem is to return data rights to users. The ultimate way to achieve this goal is to use decentralized storage solutions and decentralized important management technology, so as not to keep a monopoly area for centralized giants.
trx game analyzed that decentralized storage space has countless nodes around the world, and user information will be stored within their own accounts rather than centralized servers, clear of any centralized third-party handle. In addition, users can control an individual data stored around the string through the main element.
The decentralized storage solution allows users to store their own data and never have to own a hard disk, and does not need to become hosted within the hands of a centralized organization.
However, we now have seen many successful blockchain-based decentralized storage space solutions such as for example Filecoin / IPFS, Yottachain, etc. Why haven't they been widely used in the Internet world?
In fact, when the blockchain storage method that emphasizes open and transparent information will not depend on cryptographic encryption technology, it might be better to expose personal data to risk.
"Unencrypted data is the same as people not really wearing clothes. Actually public data should be encrypted before becoming authorized for everybody to see, not forgetting personal data that should not really be disclosed. Moreover, data should never only end up being encrypted, but also need to be encrypted through zero-knowledge. Only by merging the TruPrivacy copyrighted technology and taking into account the feature of "cross-user deduplication" can we assure the absolute security of data in the industry feeling." Wang Donglin said.
In reaction to the trend of "an excessive amount of privacy" and "insufficient supervision" produced from anonymity in the N area incident, Wang Donglin believes that although anonymity may meet the privacy requirements to a certain degree, it's important to add matching measures to the precise adoption plan. Regulatory methods must balance privacy and supervision.
Wang Donglin believes that digital identity is a very complex issue. As far as supervision is concerned, digital identity can associate the historic behavior of electronic users with their digital identity, and create a "legislative and judicial" atmosphere on the public chain, therefore arguing against digital identity. Beneath the idea of not really violating privacy, specific guidance and guidance shall be transported out.
Teacher Donglin Wang gave a good example of a set of privacy and supervision techniques currently being utilized by Yottachain. At present, yottachain has set up multiple regulatory areas all over the world, and the regulatory company in each regulatory zone can pay to block particular chain content material in its regulatory zone according to its own needs. But at the same time, you are unable to view an individual account data. For instance, whenever a cult firm is damaged in a certain place, you only have to get the hash value of the file stored from the cult company on the string to stop the file. For example, in Islamic areas, the text of the Bible could be blocked.

In addition, because of the correlation between user behaviors and on-chain identities, yottachain's on-chain approach can also score and rank on-chain identities through the user's scoring program, and even the historical credit of every reviewer can be seen at a glance. So it offers considerable credibility.
Although this method cannot prevent all evils from occurring beforehand, it can prevent the perpetrators from constantly doing evil and stop fresh victims from being easily deceived.
"The combination of DID (decentralized identity), decentralized storage space, and decentralized essential management can achieve such privacy security." Wang Donglin's interpretation is convinced that DID can free user accounts through the restriction of system bans , Decentralized storage space and decentralized key management allow customers to control their own data instead of handing them to others. Others must obtain the right to utilize the information through explicit authorization by an individual.
IT Da Niu Wang Donglin, who has been around data protection for twenty years may be a little bit not really acquainted with the name Wang Donglin, but Wang Donglin has double identities being a scientist and an entrepreneur.
It is precisely because of his academic research and logical capabilities that Wang Donglin is way better at researching, studying and summarizing than regular people, and he furthermore cultivated his own exclusive sense of smell. As an business owner, Wang Donglin has generated application items for both 2B and 2C. Users of B-end items include all main ministries and commission rates, all central businesses and all banking institutions in Tiongkok, and C-end items have accomplished one million day to day activities (DAU).

The scholar group was run by Wang Donglin.
Since 1996, Shusheng Team has surpassed many This era changes and has remained at the forefront of innovation. At present, the users of Shusheng Group reach tens of hundreds of thousands, and most of them are main ministries, banks, central businesses and higher-level security-sensitive institutions.
Actually, before placing foot in the field of cloud computing, Wang Donglin had been well-known in the IT industry, and he was the earliest data security pioneer.
Wang Donglin may be the originator of the electronic seal technology. As early as 1996, the digital seal technologies developed by Wang Donglin had been commercially applied in the Agricultural Head office. Since that time, the digital seal and electronic official documents of the scholar corporation have been broadly promoted and used. The international-oriented UOML document library standard premiered, which is the world's first operating regular for document information processing, and provides a feasible remedy for realizing the interoperability of various documents. On November 4, 2008, the UOML regular officially became an international industrial standard, becoming China's first internationally recognized software program standard. Shusheng had been rated as one of the nearly all noteworthy businesses in China in the future by Fortune magazine.
But the IT industry is definitely changing fast. Later, Wang Donglin, who traveled in Silicon Valley in america, took the business lead in seeing the eve from the IT industry's huge changes.
When seeing that america has entered the era of cloud and mobile, and software companies continue to be marginalized, Wang Donglin decided to business lead the team to change to cloud storage space. Although the 2C cloud storage space service business design did not run through, it has accumulated a strong storage. Technical strength, and then use this specialized advantage to assist B-end users.
As yet, Shusheng Group's TCP/IP distributed system and distributed shared storage space architecture are leading technologies worldwide.
Because the only Web company with national secret-related skills in China, Shusheng Group is particularly good at data security technology, and it is good at safeguarding users' data protection under the disorders of insecure system, unsecure server, unsecure system, and unsecure background administration personnel.
In the cloud security link, Shusheng Security Cloud uses its patented TruPrivacy? technology to realize the entire procedure for security and encryption. Even if the source program code is certainly disclosed and server permissions are usually open, no-one can steal data through the cloud. That is also the only cloud storage security technology in the world that can make sure that back-end administrators cannot find user data.
During twenty years of research, Wang Donglin offers invented a lot more than ten international leading technologies, producing a lot of milestones in China's IT industry. At exactly the same time, Wang Donglin earned numerous praises in the scientific and technological circles for his unremitting development and "lifeless technology".
In November 2008, Wang Donglin was unanimously elected as the excellent youth of China's software industry (first place) jointly determined from the Ministry of Information Industry as well as the Main Committee of the Little league. In November 2010, Wang Donglin won the "Look for Truth Outstanding Youth Achievement Transformation Prize" selected from the The far east Association for Science and Technology. It should be recognized that the full total number of honours in various industrial sectors and industries does not exceed 5 per year. In Oct 2014, Wang Donglin received the first "Exceptional Engineer Prize" selected from the Ministry of Technology and Technology in the first domestic "Excellent Engineer Award" called after "Engineer", becoming the only champion in the software and Internet sector...
In the changes from the IT era, Wang Donglin is continually advancing with the needs of the changing times. From software program, Internet, mobile Web, cloud computing to blockchain, he's got personally experienced every change. Although Wang Donglin has achieved fruitful outcomes in neuro-scientific cloud computing and cryptography, he's still by himself path of advancement.
When the trend of the days changed to the blockchain, Wang Donglin discovered his "blessed destiny".
As a scholar of deadly technology, the blockchain is just such a fresh technology-driven track. At the same time, the blockchain furthermore needs the blessing of cryptography technology. This perfectly mixes Wang Donglin's years of study in cloud computing and cryptography. Jointly.
In Wang Donglin's phrases, once the blockchain came, all the things he had completed before were used. He sighed: "Lastly understand that so many things have been accomplished in this lifetime, all for that blockchain."
Within the blockchain industry, Wang Donglin's first attempt was YottaChain to store public chains. However in fact, as soon as 2012, Wang Donglin arrived to contact with Bitcoin for the first time in Silicon Valley, USA. In those days, he had a strong desire to reform Bitcoin. Nevertheless, after years of infiltration and research in cryptography and the Internet, Wang Donglin began to transform his vision of reforming Bitcoin into blockchain storage.
When frequent data leakage incidents caused users to issue that centralized information storage methods could not guarantee user information safety, YottaChain, which tried to solve the issue of stored data security, was created at the right period. Wang Donglin desires to utilize YottaChain to challenge the hegemony of all centralized storage on the planet.
Soon, YottaChain also handed in an excellent statement card. At present, YottaChain is among the most world's very first commercial storage general public chain, and it didn't get miss the mainnet to be online to achieve the result of storing a lot more than 30TB of data per day. The YotaChain blockchain task, started by Donglin Wang, ranks among the top 30 on the planet with a market value greater than 400 million U.S. bucks. It's the world's initial with regards to product technologies of storage general public chains. It has generated more than 50 instances the revenue for investors in a single year.
Because YottaChain has different industrial attributes from other blockchain projects, its tokens likewise have commodity attributes. Once the YottaChain project ushered in a influx of home based business users, new problems emerged.
Wang Donglin found that commercial users are completely different from previous miners and coin speculators and do not accept the barriers to entry.
Flattening the barriers for users to utilize has become a significant action for YottaChain.
After YottaChain enters the public beta, Wang Donglin intends to create an ecological supporting tool for YottaChain. When it was really likely to start the Ystar device, Wang Donglin found that Ystar is not only useful for YottaChain, but additionally has a key role for the whole blockchain industry.
Encryption + distributed storage space, Ystar really wants to return digital sovereignty to users Ystar's value to the blockchain, which is equivalent to the value of the web browser to the web.
Just because the original Web has not been commercialized for 25 years since its delivery, the technical threshold of TCP/IP has restricted the web to a scientist's toy.
It wasn't until NetScape invented the web browser in 1994 that the web was pushed to the general public, and the entranceway towards the commercialization of the Internet was opened.
Blockchain, which can't be commercialized at present, is also dealing with a dilemma much like that of the Internet.
At present, a lot of concepts within the blockchain that aren't understood by normal people, such as for example public key, personal crucial, hash, and signature, have grown to be a significant bottleneck restricting the development of blockchain. At exactly the same time, ordinary users who don't have the ability to manage tips on their own are also unpleasant with this exorbitant threshold.
Because of this, the blockchain is definitely limited to an extremely small group of geeks, and security and simplicity have become inextricable.
More than 20 years of related software research has specific Wang Donglin a cognition beyond common people. He more thought and studied the key management problem. After all, the primary of data protection is definitely encryption + essential management, and key management is actually more important.
For that reason, Wang Donglin began to try to develop Ystar being an 3rd party project. Quickly, Ystar used the underlying primary technology of the main element management system to make a secure, easy-to-use, and insensitive key system. Through Ystar's low-threshold finances with the concept of zero understanding of private tips, the avant-garde blockchain globe will connect to the 4.4 billion traditional Internet population.
Nevertheless, since people discovered the bottleneck of the blockchain, plenty of blockchain programs and wallets possess attempted to let customers manage their tips without perceiving the tips, but none of these succeeded. .
Ystar's successful realization of this vision is inseparable from Wang Donglin's knowledge in neuro-scientific cryptography-good at developing and applying cryptographic-based information security systems, especially key administration systems.
Relying on the story of decreasing the threshold of the blockchain world, Ystar ushered within a tide of pursuit, and there is a hot scene of super fundraising within the funding link. Beneath the bear marketplace where capital is rarely shot, capitals rushed to contend for quota. Ystar rapidly earned a $2 million angel circular of financing directed by Consensus Laboratory, China's largest geek local community CSDN, and Yotta Ecological Fund.
Ystar's unique technology and its own clearly visible business worth, the expected complete business closed loop and landable business applications in the foreseeable future are the fundamental reasons for its large financing within the bear market.
As well as the favor from the management, the Ystar group is also filled with big names. The well-known CSDN founder Jiang Tao, blockchain token economics expert Meng Yan, and Mars Finance founder Wang Feng are all Ystar project professionals.
Wang Feng, Jiang Tao, and Meng Yan are all comrades who accompanied Wang Donglin to enter the blockchain industry from the IT industry. The reason why the experts within the move and technologies circles can be invited is inseparable from the reliable technology of the project itself. Spectrum business design and dependable founding team.
Along with flattening the barriers of blockchain, Wang Donglin continues to be thinking about a typical topic for all mankind-how to come back digital sovereignty to users.
Wang Donglin has always believed that only by controlling the user's information can data protection risks be reduced.
Consequently, Ystar emphasizes that consumer data is not stored about Ystar or any centralized third-party server. Ystar's answer combines both features of encryption and decentralization, taking into account data protection and data sovereignty return to users.
In Ystar, user data is stored on the decentralized storage public chain, and user data is greatly reduced by the features of distributed storage and redundant storage to reduce the chance of user data loss. The decentralized storage space method furthermore indirectly realizes that the data is not controlled by any centralized business or managed by any alternative party.
With the private key, the user obtains his own data sovereignty. At the same time, this program furthermore uses encryption technology to protect the user's data privacy, in order that nobody except the data owner and authorized individual can snoop within the user's data.
When users expert data sovereignty, data monetization is much easier.
Tokens with the economic characteristics from the token often have dual values-equity worth and commodity worth.
Using the expansion of the entire Ystar ecosystem, advertising income will increase after traffic goes up, and the value of the tokens held by users may also increase. This also encourages users to create better use behaviours on Ystar, and indirectly promotes Ystar's visitors value increase.
Ystar shares income from marketers with users through YSR tokens.
The quantity of YSR issued is 10 billion, that is not only a motivation tool for users, but additionally a settlement tool for measuring the value of user traffic and advertisers buying Ystar to put ads. Ystar guaranteed that 95% of the platform's ecological working income will be came back to Ystar's program to attract increased traffic to enter a virtuous group of the ecology constructed by Ystar.
The blockchain industry continues to be between your bulls and the bears for several years. Many cadres have already been drained by the industry. Now what is left may be the low-key, hard-working team. At present, Ystar has made plenty of improvement in stages, and it may be the period of depressive disorder for value investment.
"Our plan is to first attract users with token bonuses, which is equivalent to sending money to attract earlier traffic. With the growth of users, we will simultaneously carry out advertising and investment promotion and application development (much like small applications)." About how Ystar can sustainably develop Wang Donglin replied that along with recruiting advertisers to feed back the ecology, sport apps will undoubtedly be prioritized when developing or attracting business in the foreseeable future. It's estimated that over time, increasing numbers of people and apps will property on Ystar, ultimately getting 100, 1,000, 10,000 programs, users also enhanced from 10,000, 100,000, and 1 million, developing a positive cycle.
Standing at this time when imagination is limited, it is difficult for us to guage the consequence of a good avant-garde item, but those that dare to try are the warriors of the days, and every step forward brings unlimited value.
At exactly the same time, in today's sluggish bear marketplace, the team that's really still functioning is more worthy of our attention and investment.