Birthday invitation

Birthday invitation - a really useful guide
What kind of opportunity?

Your birthday invitation can be an invitation to a normal birthday party, or a surprise party, or the birthday invitation can be an invitation to an outing at a special location or event. There are plenty of options, so think about what kind of party or event you want to organize and where you want to hold it. Your birthday invitation should then give a taste of the event, level of formality and tone.

What type of birthday invitation?

The main point to make here is to think out of the box - the letterbox. Today, birthday invitations can be delivered by email / Internet, special delivery or conventional mail, and each method has its own cost. The possibilities for the format of your birthday invitation are also wider than you might think.

E birthday invitations are either very cheap or they are free. They are easily available on the Internet and easy to ship. If you decide to send your birthday invitation this way, make sure you have all the email details of your recipients.

You can send a birthday invitation on a DVD or computer disc, and there are a number of suppliers who will produce it for you (try Show & Tell Invitations). As you can imagine, the cost of a DVD invitation is likely to be higher than a conventional birthday invitation. You can also create the DVD invitation yourself! All you need is a digital camera that can record digital film, a DVD writer, some basic computer knowledge and a touch of imagination. If you don't have all of these, you may know someone who can help you.

These unusual birthday invitations can be a lot of fun to make (you'll be giggling during the first few shots) and offer tremendous scope for innovation and personalization of your birthday invitation. They can also be loaded with a lot of information such as maps, visual clothing guides and personalized information to set the tone and mood of the event. There are no limits, you are the director and can be the star in a location of your choice. DVD invitations are easy to send, but due to their size and weight, they are probably a bit more expensive to send than a conventional birthday invitation card.

Conventional birthday invitation cards available in the market usually come in the standard rectangular size, but do some research on the internet and you will find square cards and other shapes. Square, unusually shaped, or oversized birthday invitations cost more to mail, so it's best to calculate your budget first. The tone and theme of the event will give you ideas for the type of paper to use. For example, a heavy linen or smooth cream paper might be suitable if you want to have a formal or traditional affair, while brightly colored or contemporary designs lend themselves to casual birthday invitations. Traditional invitations are generally printed or embossed with black or gray ink on white or ecru paper, while informal announcements can be made on any colored paper you want, with any ink, and often with graphics or photos.
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