Steps For 123 HP Setup

HP Printers are one of the most used printers as HP is a renowned brand in the world of printers. HP is known for ages and is revolving with its; outstanding performances as we all know that HP printers are worthy. Well if you are also wondering to set up your brand new HP 123 printer then this blog will help you do it.

So let’s begin now with the easy steps to do the HP 123setup with the easy steps. So follow the steps below and get started now.

Steps For 123 Setup

Firstly you need to turn on your printer by pressing Power Button. When it grew to become on it begin making a few clamors seeing that it's far instated just because, after a couple of moments you will find out the display that allows you to isolate language, state/district Select therefrom and "Tap OK Button."

In the wake of Setting these kinds of printer display screen requests that you embed the cartridge for the setup of the 123 hp com/setup.

To installation, the cartridge to the printer use the examples on the advantage and left sides of the printer to raise the great spread. Begin embeddings cartridge with tri shading, besides assuring which you are embeddings the proper cartridge as it is referenced in the when unfold.

.The next step is to close the lock switch insightfully by using embeddings right cartridge for the process of 123 hp com/setup.

Once it's miles completed, your printer, therefore, perceives which you have added the real HP Cartridges on your printer. Likewise, you will get a message on the tenure board where you need to printing OK to continue.

Hence now you are all done with the process of 123 hp com/setup as explained above.

Wireless Setup

To begin with, the process of 123 hp com setup wireless is you need to switch on the WPS button on your printer.

Now the next step is that an HP Wireless Printer that is right with the WPS press button mode.

You will notice that a far-off machine with WPA or WPA2 safety is the key to the setup process.

Press and maintain the remote seize on your printer for more than one second till mild starts offevolved to vacillate.

On the off chance that your printer isn't always true with the WPS press button, at that point visit the Control Panel of your printer, and afterward pick out the Wireless Settings Menu or Network Settings.

Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and in a while choosing Start.

Select the Push Button, and later on, choose to Start for the wireless setup if the 123.hp com setup.

Similarly, press and preserve the WPS button for your transfer until a light starts to squint.

The last one is that within three minutes, your printer will be associated with the transfer.


We believe that now you are able to do the setup as explained above with the easy steps. In case still, you are facing issues then you can get in touch with our experts as they will assist you further with 24*7 at your assistance. Feel free to contact us.