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Notice to all dog Owners: Stop feeding your dog jerky treats, especially the ones made in China! A new FDA report states that mostly China-made dog jerky treats have been linked to at least 1,000 dog deaths since 2007. The FDA has been investigating these pet jerky treats since 2007 to find what’s tainting the jerky treats. However, they still haven’t been able to find what is causing pets to become ill. Illnesses that have been report are gastrointestinal, kidney and other symptoms after ingesting the treats. 60% of the reports are gastrointestinal or liver problems, 30% are kidney and urinary problems and the other 10% complain of neurological and skin conditions. Although, some Chinese dog treat manufacturers claim their treats are safe, why take the chance? (If you were curious, according to the FDA, the three people to eat these treats are two toddlers and an adult who may have been munching on them)
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=( horrible
4 years ago·Reply
@sjeanyoon exactly. if I can eat it it should be alright for them too
4 years ago·Reply
It's important that we know where our food and where our pet's food and treats are coming from!!
4 years ago·Reply
If any of you are interested @strawberrychip has a homemade dog treat collection
4 years ago·Reply
@kopilots thank you
4 years ago·Reply