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[82] During this period, the French continued to govern the Paracel Islands. How to move from Da Nang to Ngu Hanh Son Ngu Hanh Son is located about 8 km southeast of Da Nang city center in Hoa Khue village, Son Thuy hamlet, Hoa Vang district, Ngu Hanh Son district. Danang IT Park Danang IT Park (DITP) is a centralized information technology park, following the model of Silicon Valley Ham Nghi Street is now Le Hong Phong Street. Cheap Hoi An Da Nang Tour See the beautiful scenery, praise the craftsmen who are skillful to build . People soak the rice and the clear water is filtered carefully, and then ground into powdered water [97] Ho Bai Hut is a form of performance with bold rustic character, the main attraction of the game. [130] The total import-export turnover in 2019 reached nearly 2,988 billion USD, of which export turnover reached 1,623 billion VND, import turnover reached 1,365 billion VND. As the name suggests, this noodle dish comes from Quang Nam Salt seeds must be pure white, big, old, sunny, not rain-proof, bring them to pour on dry cement. Seven days to drain all the bitter water, then put it in the jar for a few years before bringing it to work. In 1470, Le Thanh Tong defeated the Chiem Thanh army and expanded the Dai Viet border to Nay cape (between present-day Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa), then this land could be stabilized and expanded expeditions began. . The custom is called Non Nuoc island The average economic growth rate in the period 1991-1998 was 15.6% / year, higher than the national average [123]. [224] In summer, it's cool to lie down; In winter, it is warm and radiates a mild fragrance of the interior meadows. This is where the most concentrated caves and pagodas Ngu Hanh Son Relic Tower at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang