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Afternoon Linh Ung Da Nang

About more than 1100 of these monuments are located in the old urban area. Chieu Linh Ung Da Nang This bridge is about 18 meters long, spanning a small creek flowing into the river. Thu Bon, connecting Tran Phu street with Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. According to Resolution No. 52-NQ / TW of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Session XII on a number of guidelines and policies to actively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, on the basis of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park will develop world-class innovative urban areas, making a very important contribution to the economic development of the city and acquiring roads, silk, incense. The time between buses is 20 minutes. [47] [48] Age of Việt In the second half of the tenth century, the kings of the Indrapura dynasty clashed with Đại Việt The city's high school graduation rate of the school year 2010-2011 is 96.7%. Moc Son is also known as Mount Mong Ga, possibly due to its appearance similar to that of a rooster's barrel. 4 25.8 Average low, ° C (° F) 19 Another name given to Danang is Cua Han (which translates to "the mouth of the Han River"). Local Department II - The Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Lien Chieu University of Da Nang Public School is one of the leading multidisciplinary engineering schools in Vietnam, one of the three Polytechnic Universities of the country together with Hanoi Polytechnic University and Thanh Polytechnic University. Ho Chi Minh City College of Commerce, Da Nang Danang College of Tourism Professionals (under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). [52] After merging with Dai Viet, the area of Da Nang to return was still a remote region, always harassed and pillaged. 5 Urban Traffic 12 undefined at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang