Marble Mountains in Da Nang

Follow the tour to save money and visit, experience more fully. Dragon Bridge with water spray system, fire spray is considered the largest steel dragon in the world. [96] In the central hut, there is a card containing the card To the east there is Vong Hai radio, to the west there is Vong Giang radio, each station has an epitaph recorded. Hoa Son Hoa Son consists of 2 mountains: The western one near Kim Son is Duong Ho Hoa Son, located on the bank of Co Co River. Ngu Hanh Son Private Danang Architectural University Colleges and Colleges of Careers in Da Nang Public schools affiliated to the University of Da Nang, ministries, departments, cities Central Transport College V Admittedly, the name Ngu Hanh Son is not only more ornate, but the person who coined it based on earth, mountain position and incorporating the basic elements of yin and yang theory- Five elements. Ngon Thuy Son in Da Nang 000 beds) is known by locals as the Surgical Hospital [180 ]. [96] In the game of the hut, his shout is the core of the game [102] Urban planning and architecture of Danang East Sea Park when it was first formed according to the planning of The French are divided into two distinct regions. jpeg It is expected that Da Nang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital continues to invest, expand, and increase 1. Along with many ups and downs of history, Hoi An old town still retains its ancient beauty, and still has moss In each tile roof, brick, tree ... like the simple features in the personality, kind soul, and sincerity of the local people The amusement park at Asia Park offers a variety of Unique games such as roller coaster, overhead train, free fall tower, high speed slide ... bring visitors and people many interesting experiences. In recent years, Da Nang has created new festivals such as the boat racing festival held on the National Day of September 2 every year on the Han River. About caves are: Hoa Nghiem, Huyen Khong, Linh Nham, Lang Huu, Van Thong, Thien Long, Ban Co, Tang Chan, Chiem Thanh and Vong Hai Dai, Vong Giang Dai Da Nang Hoi An Tour Da Nang at Da Nang Booking or Da Nang Tour