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This tutorial is for a ring but you can use it to make a bracelet too :)
ok im not usually one to wear any bracelets but this is really simple
@sjeanyoon i was about to say i was more of a ring person hahaha but i love how simple this look but for me i think i would look for a silver wire! either way i think this will totally be perfect for my friend's bday present! thanks for the tutorial :) and have you tried bending paperclips into shapes when you were younger? i remember i would take a paperclip and a plier to bend them into my friend's initial and give them! ahha
@ameliasantos You're so creative. I've bent them because I was bored and linked them together but that's about it. Have you opened up a paper clip into a triangle and overlap the two ends to make it pop-up when you set it down before?
@sjeanyoon i only do the initial thing when i am really bored at home ahhaha but because my friends like it so they want more than initials they want their whole names! but i totally know what you are talking about haha that was probably one of the thing i tend to do while i was in lectures .. haha or you know when i see a pile of paperclips i subconsciously just put them in a chain. It's like i don't know why i am doing it but i feel like i must hhahaha
Awe that's cute