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How Cinnamon Tea is beneficial for health

Cinnamon is a common spice, which is used for flavour in various sweet and savoury recipes. This sweet and tasteful spice is made of the cinnamon tree bark that is cultivated in tropical countries. Because of their antioxidant properties, cinnamon intake daily often results in major health benefits. The fragrant and delicious cinnamon tea is among the simplest and most effective way to consume this spice daily. When all the nutritional components of cinnamon are stored in the form of tea, it is easier for the digestive system to consume and the effects are visible within a very short period.

Let’s have a look upon the Benefits of Cinnamon Tea:

· Improves bowel function and digestion: Cinnamon tea marvels for the digestive system. It calms the gas out of the stomach and controls the bowel movement. Cinnamon promotes the development of saliva and stomach acids, which in effect helps to make food easier to digest. Drinking cinnamon tea also soothes a bloated stomach and avoids symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomachache and constipation.

· Keeps colon clean: Cinnamon tea is rich in sugar, iron and calcium that combines with bile salts and helps remove them from the body that can otherwise damage the colon.

· Fight against weight issues: Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar levels in the body which in effect lowers insulin production in the body. This cinnamon product is not only good for diabetes-prone people but also a blessing for people trying to lose extra weight. Less blood sugar in the bloodstream means less insulin and less body fat accumulation. Cinnamon tea antioxidant content eliminates contaminants and assists in shedding excess fat. Cinnamon Tea also tends to be naturally sweet and requires no additional sugar or cream to add flavour. Regular intake of one or two cups of Cinnamon tea gives rapid results in weight loss.

· Improves blood supply and keeps heart health stable: Cinnamon tea decreases blood-clotting risks since cinnamon has anti-clotting compounds. This cinnamon property reduces both the risk of stroke and heart attacks. It facilitates healthy and smooth blood circulation within the body. Also, heart tissue needs to regenerate to combat heart attacks and stroke and cinnamon are known to advance the ability of the tissue to repair itself after any trauma.

· Slows skin ageing: Many environmental factors today such as pollution, UV radiation exposure, stress etc. cause skin damage. Other benefits of cinnamon tea are that it helps improve the blood flow that maintains perfect plump skin and prevents fine lines.