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**Be sure to click "CC" at the bottom right corner of the video player for English subtitles** Happy Monday! "Ya Magnoon" which means "madman" in Arabic, is a song from Asalah Nasri's 1999 album by the same name. Nasri is a Syrian singer that gained international fame across the Arab world for her music in the early 90s. According to the subtitles provided in the video, the story of the Layla and the Madman is based on a true story from the 7th century during the Umayyad period. As the story goes, a man names Qays ibn al-Mulawwah fell in love with a girl names Layla after laying eyes on her, but he went mad when her father refused to let the two marry. You really get the flamenco style in the official music video of the song, which I've included on the card. Hope you enjoy!
@cityofkyle it's a part of our human nature... to remember and honor the past as we move forward into the future. This was a great song and nice story
@peteryang292 that was poetic... haha
Wow I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing. Also loved the story behind the song! Can't believe a story like that has been preserved through song for so long!