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@peteryang292 @cityofkyle @hunahuna @Sjeanyoon Hi! I'm glad you all enjoyed the last orchestral piece I posted. I haven't been able to track down the entire performance, but I found this lovely song that I thought you would enjoy! "Three and Six" is a well-known piece in the repertoire of both the Shanghai Silk and Bamboo ensembles and the balladry genre of that area. The Silk String Quartet is (left to right): Cheng Yu (pipa), Sun Zhuo (guzheng), Zhou Jinyan (yangqin), Wang Xiao (erhu) with Lang Lang, Chinese pianist.
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@gabyrich this was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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@gabyrich I'm flattered that you remembered us too! This piece has such a bright and happy sound. @imliz I think you'll like this
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@sjeanyoon I loved it!! Thank you !!
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@cityofkyle @peteryang292 @Sjeanyoon @imliz so happy you enjoyed it!! It is quite beautiful
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Just as great as the first! Thanks @gabyrich
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