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These commercials from a German funeral insurance company brought me to tears. Don't wait before it's too late... say "thank you" or "I love you" to the people who deserve it!! I tend to be weary of advertising but these were very emotional and sent a bigger meaning than simply just "buy funeral insurance." Well done ~~
its really interesting how the people being confronted seem to already know whats coming. not that they were told, but maybe that they were already worried abouy the same things
@fallingwater i cried the first time I watched these, haha
the first time I saw this ad I was so awestruck!
wow, impressive message. enjoy your time well
It is rare, my dear, that I am reduced to tears. But the second video just did it to me. Not sure I can watch the 3rd. I am enamored by rich storytelling. I am even more impressed when advertisers do this and in such a compelling way. Bravo.
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