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This song shot Lebanese singer Rola Saad to instant fame. It was a great rhythm and beat (classic Levantine sounds) and is really catchy too! I love the accordion in this song particularly. I'm pretty sure it was imported from France during the French colonial period and has now become an important part of the musical tradition, though the pitch and tone is very different from the way the accordion is played in Europe. My family is from Lebanon so I'm most familiar with Arabic music from that region of the Arab world. @hannou what do you think about this type of Arabic music. It's slightly different from the music from North Africa, right? I know the Arabic dialect is different from country to country.
@cityofkyle what a fun song! I just wanna shake my hips when I hear it and see her dance! Maybe it's time to go out dancing... ha!
@peteryang292 so glad you liked it peter! Haha yes she can move, its a fun music video
Oh wow I love the beat and her dance moves! haha. You're right, the accordion is great but not like anything I've heard before!
@gabyrich everyone needs to go out dancing once in a while! and if you cant, hopefully this collection will bring the party to you!
@cityofkyle I listened to it all night long! lol