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Common name: Bluegill, sun perch, yellow belly Native. ID: Two dorsal fins, small mouth, pointy pectorals, black spot on rays of dorsal fin which makes it different from other sunfish. Life cycle: Males create a nest in a depression where females then lay the eggs. Males fertilize and guard the young. Sexually mature at around 3 years old and live to be an average of 6 years. Feed on: When young, algae and zooplankton. As adults, small fish, insects and plant matter. Feed on top, in midwaters, and often work as bottom feeders. Competitors: Other bottom feeding fish. Where to find them: Warm waters; the lower Great lakes. Prefer cover such as weeds, logs and drop-offs. Shallow water unless hot temperatures, then go to deeper waters.
@fallingwater really, there's a lot of fish in this family thst have tons of overlapping nicknames, hah.
sun perch!! i've seen these in the northeast quite a lot. I didn't realize they were the same thing as blue gill.