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Common name: Asian carp (bighead carp, silver carp, grass carp, etc). Asian Carp encompasses quite a few different kinds of carp. Non-native, invasive species. ID: The main feature of these fish is that their eyes sit below or even with their mouth. They may be more than 5ft long and weight more than 80 lbs. Some varieties are silver, others are yellow. Image 1 is a bighead, 2 is a silver, 3 is a grass. Life cycle: These fish reproduce very rapidly, but are not a sport fish. Instead, they are a threat to fishing in the Great Lakes. They were originally brought to the south to eat algae from pounds, but reproduce rapidly so their range has spread as far as the great lakes. They eat a lot of plankton which many native species depend on to survive. Remember to not dump your bait! Your bait fish may contain Asian carp, which can survive and reproduce. Additionally, beware of silver carp which can jump out of the water when startled by boats and cause danger to you, such as in image 4 and 5. Feed on: Plankton, algae, plant matter.
@mcgraffy I didn't realize they had the strength make such leaps;; do all fish have a lot of sensitivity to vibrations then?
@fallingwater they hear the sounds of the motor and think its a predator and leap out of the water to get farther away. theres some fish that do that to escape danger, they just do it when they hear boats. @happyrock I'm really not sure why it's eyes are like might just be the genetics of that breed I guess
@mcgraffy yeah, what @fallingwater asked. And also, is it eye like that becahse of a defect?
What about the boats startles them so much that they leap out of the water like this?!