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In response to the card @mcgraffy posted about a woman's amusing fishing technique, I want to share this video I just came across. For some reason, I find this just as hilarious: the intense background music makes fishing seem way more dynamic than I ever thought it was before. Doesn't it make you want to go fishing?? What do you think @mcgraffy/.
This card is surely selling fishing to be something its not; never have I heard such intense sounds on a lake.
@mcgraffy Still, I think it might actually be more fun to go out every once and a while with someone this loud about their catches. A fiesty fisherman
@greggr it might not be this intense sound wise but if youre battling a big fish it sure can feel this intense adrenaline wise
@onesmile I'm not sure of their original intention, but I laughed too so dont worry about it
@fallingwater definitely would reduce your numbers a bit haha
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