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How to clean the toilet floor quickly

Have you ever tried to spend more than an hour cleaning the toilet, sweat and smell strong in bleach. But a few days later, where to go there? Check out these toilet cleaning tips and how to clean the natural toilet floor below.

To clean floors, walls, and other appliances in the toilet or bathroom, you can choose natural ingredients in your kitchen like vinegar and baking soda. If you want to bring a quick, time-saving effect, you can choose different types of detergents, currently on the market in addition to cleaning chemicals, there is also safe organic detergent, which saves time cleaning. clear.
How to clean the toilet floor with natural detergent
Before doing the overall cleaning of the toilet, bathroom, you need to clean the bathroom by taking all cosmetics, towels, ... all items that do not belong to the bathroom out. Then wipe out the spider webs in the corners of the bathroom (if any). Use a dust cloth or brush to sweep dirt on the toilet lid, toilet floor.

To avoid bad odors during the cleaning process, you should open the bathroom door, turn on the fan for ventilation. Also Pour some detergent or other disinfectant into the toilet bowl. Also put the toilet brush inside the bowl to clean the brush before cleaning.

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The items to prepare:

Rubber gloves
Toilet brush
Eye protection
Washing spray bottle
Paper towels or cloth
Broom sweeping the ceiling, dusting cloth
Use baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are natural kitchen cleaning compounds and are common to many housewives. They are capable of extremely effective cleaning and deodorizing. Baking soda and vinegar or other natural detergents both take longer to clean than industrial cleaners. So, before embarking on the cleaning process, you should take time to let the stain soak in before you start scrubbing quickly.

Before cleaning the ceiling or toilet floor, it is advisable to use a hot water spray to spray the floor and walls, then close the door and wait for a while. The hot steam will help the stains peel off faster.

how to clean the toilet floor
Step 1: prepare detergent.

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in about 75-25g of a mixture of white vinegar and water as a natural detergent. The amount of detergent depends on the area of the tile floor and the surface you want to clean. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of pine oil to the mixture to create a fragrance
Step 2: Put on sanitary gloves, use a clean cloth, soak the solution and wipe it on the surface to be wiped off. Leave for about 7 - 10 minutes for it to take effect.

Step 3: Scrub off the stain, then wipe with water and blot with a dry cloth.

Use old oxygen and betel lime
Bathrooms, toilets for a long time often appear stains clinging to white lines, causing loss of aesthetics and easy to cause unpleasant odors. Even cleaning chemicals are difficult to control well. A simple way to get rid of this stubborn stain is a mixture of lime and hydrogen peroxide.


Step 1: Mix hydrogen peroxide and lime into a paste. Use a scrub to blot this mixture on the stains on the seams.

Step 2: Scrub away the stains and dirt. Then rinse with clean water, this method used to scrub floors and walls also effective.

Use kitchen ash
If you don't have vinegar and baking soda in your home, you can still clean floors and walls with kitchen ash. Here's how to help a stained wall return to a clean, beautiful shine.


Use charcoal stove ash mixed with a little water, sweep over the dirt. Then use the table to scrub lightly where to clean. After first scrubbing, let it sit for 5 minutes then rub again with more force, stains will disappear.

Use flour and rice flour
The mixture of flour or rice flour can help clean the brick floor, dull marble, long time.


Step 1: Rinse the surface briefly with water and wait to dry.

Step 2: Use a cloth to put rice flour or flour inside, mix with cooking oil.

Step 3: Scrub onto the surface of bricks or stones until the surface is clean.

Use potatoes
For granite, you use a little potato crushed and then put in a soft towel, then rub on the brick line to be able to remove this residue.
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How to lose weight without diet: a working and easy scheme for fast weight loss
Dozens of diet options lost pounds and re-acquired in double the size - I went through all the torments of losing weight, dietary restrictions and overload in the gym. I managed to lose 26 kg in just 2 months without torturing myself with a gruelling diet. For more than 3 years the body did not suit me: it is impossible to draw in the stomach, an ugly butt and cellulite on my legs. Needless to say about clothes, you can't find a suitable size. Therefore, I want to share with everyone a working and easy scheme for fast weight loss. A working and easy scheme for fast weight loss Quality weight loss technique 1. Drink clean water. 5-10 minutes before meals, be sure to drink a glass of water. It doesn't matter if you are in a hurry or you don't feel like it, you must do it through force. Thanks to the liquid, all digestive processes are started, and food is absorbed twice as well. 2. Cleansing the body. Food particles remain on the intestinal walls, which, under the influence of high temperatures, begin to rot, and decomposition products are released into the blood. The breakdown of fats slows down, and toxins clog the lymph and blood vessels. Therefore, when you find it hard to breathe, bending over and tying your laces, this is not due to the abdomen, but due to clogged excretory systems. faster way to fat loss How to clean? · Soda water before lunch and dinner. On an empty stomach, 1 tbsp. dissolve in a glass of warm water and drink. It is best to stay at home after the procedure. 3. Scrub and wrap from various products 2-3 times a week. As a rule, these are honey, essential oils, clays, coffee grounds, etc. 4. Eat unhealthy, fatty, starchy foods, sweets for breakfast, immediately after a serving of healthy cereals or fruits. These simple ways will allow you to lose weight without a diet, which has been verified through personal experience. Do not force yourself to eat little or bad food. Compliance with these principles will allow you to remove fat from problem areas in just a few months. Fruit and vegetable diet Overweight problems, they began to bother me after 30 years, when, with an increase of 180 centimetres, my weight, with a constant progressive addition, exceeded the mark of 120 kilograms. Knowing the existing pattern that overweight problems are often associated with metabolic disorders, I decided to radically change my diet. First, I completely eliminated fatty, high-calorie foods from my diet and minimized my consumption of bread. He included fresh vegetables and fruits in his daily menu and limited the use of food prepared by heat treatment to only once every two days. The daily consumption of vegetable salads and fruits allowed me to reduce my weight by 10 kilograms in one month. When I felt the urge to eat, I drank a few sips of clean water and this effectively dulled the feeling of hunger. At the same time, regarding the assortment of vegetables and fruits, as well as the total amount of raw, plant foods I consume, I did not limit myself. Published By Key to a Healthy Lifestyle
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How healthy are you? Do you eat a balanced diet? … Do you exercise every day? … Do you get enough sleep every day? …. Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Our body is our temple and we should take care of it to have a healthy life. For good health - positive mental health, a healthy self-image, and a healthy lifestyle are also very important. In the post 15 Tips For Healthy Living, I am going to share 15 ways to live a healthy life with you. Meditate Meditation calms the mind and soul. If you don’t know how to meditate, don’t worry. It has simple steps. Select the correct and quiet location. Sit down in happiness, Concentrate your mind. Take internal and external observations. Slowly come out of meditation. Exercise daily Exercise should not be done only two or three days in a week but it should be done daily. Research has shown that exercising daily can greatly benefit our health. Such as increasing age, reducing the risk of diseases, high bone density, and weight loss etc. Increase physical activity in your life. To cover a short distance, walk on foot instead of car, scooter, or bus. Use the stairs instead of the lift. If you can join an aerobics class or gym, then it’s very good. Choose Your Favorite Exercise When you enjoy sports, you also naturally like to play them. Exercise is not meant to take you through hardship, it keeps you fit as well as healthy and energetic. It will always remain interesting if you maintain diversity in your practice. These are Healthy Living 15 Tips for better health. Like my favorite exercise is badminton and for that, I have written a post on Best Badminton Racket. Eat more and more fruits Vitamins and minerals are found in good amounts in fruits. Do you know that oranges are more beneficial than vitamin C pills? So, as much as possible, consume more vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Go out in the open environment If you are doing a regular 9-5 job, you are likely to spend a lot of time in your office and not be able to go out a lot. During the weekend, you may be busy with other tasks. Make a schedule to go out with your friends at least once a week. Enjoy the sun for a while. Going out of the house in an open environment is very good for both body and soul. Badminton is best for open environment. Check out the post Top 5 Badminton Racket Brands Make your dinner plate colorful Brightly colored fruits and vegetables often have high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for health because they remove free radicals that damage the cells in our body. Reduce the number of processed foods Processed foods are not good for our health because their nutritional value is lost at the time of making these foods and the preservatives used in it are harmful to our health. Many processed foods contain high amounts of salt, leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. There are also some processed foods that are not available in raw form. Generally, more foods are processed in the supermarket or at the mall. Keep negative people out of your life Positive mental health is an important part of a healthy life. If you think a friend of yours is very serious or negative, then let him go and try to be around positive people only. Keep Negativity Away from Yourself In any case, you have to protect yourself from negativity. If negative thoughts come in your mind, try to keep them away from you. Process Unhappy Thoughts Whenever you feel frustrated, do brain dumping exercises. This will remove your inner negativity. Write down your deep thoughts on paper and consider how you can keep it away from you. Write an idea on a piece of paper and throw it in the dust bin. You will also love doing this. Do not keep these thoughts inside you. Deep breath Breathe deeply. Oxygen is an important source of life. You are breathing every moment but do you know if your breathing is right or not? Most of us don’t breathe properly – we only take shallow breaths and only 1/3 of our lung capacity. Athletes are trained in proper breathing techniques to give their best performance. A full breath is when your lungs are completely filled with air, your stomach expands, and your shoulders have minimal motion. Stop Smoking Smoking is harmful to health. Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, heart attack, and even more dangerous diseases. Some people say that I smoke very rarely, sometimes because of this, their cigarette health risks remain as much as others. Avoid unconscious smoking Sometimes we are smoking unknowingly, about which we are not even aware. This is called passive smoking. If a person smokes in the air after smoking a cigarette and we inadvertently breathe in the same air, the polluted air goes into our lungs and causes as much harm as that cigarette smoker. Therefore it would be better to stay away from smokers and avoid cigarette smoke as far as possible. Have Healthy Breakfast If you feel hungry during work, eat healthy snacks such as fruits, salads, and green vegetables. It is full of nutrients. Nowadays the consumption of pizza burgers is increasing. They are good in taste but not good for health. If possible, stay away from cookies and candy bars too. Take raw nonanimal products i.e. Raw Vegan diet Try eating raw non-animal products. Raw Vegan diet consists of only non-processed, raw vegetarian food: mainly fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Which of these health tips are most suitable for you right now? These are evergreen tips. Also, share Health Tips with your family and friends.
Benefits of Hunza Apricot Kernel?
1. Apricot Kernels are Rich in Fiber, that Supports Digestive Health: Apricot (Khubani) kernels are composed of 5% fiber each seed! Because they’re full of fiber, consuming them might help support digestive health. Dietary fiber, or fiber absorbed by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, plays a significant role in the use and health of digestive system organs. Fiber keeps your colon healthy while controlling the digestive tract and processes. Eating a diet high in fiber can improve the regularity of bowel motions and help regulate excess bloating and gas. Fiber frequently utilized to deal with diarrhea, gas, and constipation, and it might be consumed frequently to help prevent digestive irregularities. (Also Read: Benefits of Pistachio Nuts) 2. Apricot Kernel controls Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Health: Apricot (Khubani) Kernel contains high levels of Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1, which a study demonstrates may help reduce blood pressure and keep heart health. Thiamine may promote pump (systolic) and fulfill (diastolic) pressure to and from the heart, possibly helping in preventing congestive heart failure. New Zealand, results revealed that Thiamine might have favorable effects on lowering the blood pressure levels in people with early-stage hypoglycemia. Apricot (Khubani) kernels also contain Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that the body Cannot Produce by itself. In accordance with Harvard University, Omega 3 can enhance flow and lower heart rate ( Also Read: Almond Benefits) 3. Apricot Kernel Can Reduce the Effects of Inflammation and Arthritis: Apricot kernels are Also Be known for Their capability to decrease inflammation. Research proves that the fiber content inside the seeds can trap acid and other toxins in the body and help in their elimination. Studies show that apricot (Khubani) kernel may even encourage extreme instances of inflammation, such as arthritis. 4. Zinc in Apricot (Khubani) Kernel May Support Vision and Eye Health: Apricot (Khubani) kernels have a significant quantity of the important trace mineral zinc. Zinc is found in substantial traces in healthy human eyes. Zinc plays an essential role in transporting Vitamin A into the retina in order to make melanin. Insufficient Zinc was associated with poor night vision, cloudy cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. Studies show that consuming 40 to 80mg of Zinc every day may impede the progression of esophageal degeneration. 5. Apricot Kernels (Khubani) May Support Liver Health: Apricot Kernels (Khubani) Can promote liver health and Can Help reverse some of the ramifications of autoimmune hepatitis, a disorder characterized by inflammation of the liver. In a study where mature mice were injected with the virus, the team treated with Apricot Kernel (Khubani) saw major modifications in healthful T-cell growth and a decline in illness. 6. Vitamin B17 Can Boost Immune System Defense: Vitamin B17 is known for its immune defense properties. Various studies have revealed that B17 might help enhance immunity by slowing the spread of illness throughout the body by killing harmful cells. 7. Apricot Kernel May Support Mental Health: Omega-3 fatty acids contained in apricot kernels (Khubani) may enhance mental health in adults. Various studies have revealed that omega-3 can decrease mood swings, bipolar episodes, schizophrenia relapses, and violent behavior in people with psychiatric disorders. If you want to Buy Online Hunza Apricot Kernel then Visit HunzaBazar Online Shopping Store. Read Our Latest Blog - Hunza Gilgit Buy Online - Hunza Dry Fruits Buy Online Pure Salajeet Shilajit Buy Online Gemstones Ruby Stone, Emerald Stone, Aqeeq Stone, & Marjan Stone Are You a Music Lover? Are you interested to download Latest Hindi Songs, Album Songs, Movie Albums, Singer Songs, Latest Punjabi Songs, Pakistani Songs, or Watch & Download Latest Bollywood Videos Songs in High Quality (HD) then Visit & Enjoy the latest Hindi Songs? Gilgit Travels