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Lee Min Ho is showing off his ‘warrior’ side in new character still cuts. The character still cuts released on July 12 for Lee Min Ho’s upcoming SBS drama, Faith, are winning praise from fans for the actor’s remarkable transformation. Suited up in full Goryeo armor, curly hair swept to one side and with his sword in hand, fans are counting down the days to see the warrior in full action when the television drama premieres. In the drama, Lee Min Ho plays Choi Young the general of the army unit which protects the king. But after becoming disenchanted with the political aspect of his job, he leaves to become a free spirit before coming across Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) from the modern age. A source close to the drama production dished on Lee Min Ho saying, “Even in the short resting period in between shooting, Lee Min Ho continues to steadily look over his lines to really immerse himself into the Choi Young character and to not show a typecast character but display a wide range of three dimensional acting.” Faith will premiere on August 13. Src: Enewsworld