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How would you feel if someone 'asked' about your relationship status on Facebook?
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@TechAtHeart wow.. and i thought accidentally liking a photo while you are looking at someone's facebook page was the worst i guess like @onesmile said they should not put in too many options haah facebook is becoming a place where you are socially embarrassing yourself @dillonk i know right! it's like i am sure no one goes around like "oh i wonder if my friend is in a relationship .. let's ask him/her on the internet where everybody can see" haahha some features just look kind of ridiculous to me
@ameliasantos10 @TechAtHeart I hope you made it through it too!! Messaging already exists, if we're really curious, why don't we just send a message? More direct, less creepy!!
@onesmile wouldn't it be easier just asking them in person? or most likely we will run into our friends with their lover/partner anyways haahhaah for me personally i just don't like putting too much information on fb to start off with i guess..
@ameliasantos10 hahaha no you're totally right! I guess I just meant those that are impatient should just inquire on messages, not publically!
@onesmile hahah totally agree then! but it still doesn't make sense to me hahaha i mean i what kind of situation are we ever so curious about our friends relationship status online?? hahha