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Play With Diamonds Jewelries: A Place where your Love for Jewelry is Rekindled
Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the beauty of good jewelry lies in its wearers; they define each jewelry. We don't really know your definition of beautiful, quality jewelry, but Play With Diamonds® represents everything beautiful and strong as far as jewelry is concerned. They specialize in offering both retail and wholesale gold Jewelry products and have assorted varieties in stock. They have various designs that range from chain neckless, nose, and other piercing jewelry. The company has received many requests for Ear Jewelries and high-end piercing from clients from different parts of the world. And over time, they have been keen on making sure this task of providing their clients with the best jewelry is not truncated. This is why they have created a website to make sure every Jewry lover can benefit. The company also has special dealings with precious stones like Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and lots more. This Thai Company has been there for over 15 years and has talented artists working with them all these years. They have 50 Thai designers and four foreigners working for them as artists, evidence that they have grown to be one of the world's most respected jewelry dealers. In-Play With Diamonds®, golds are 100% gold, and diamonds stay diamond – no adulteration. Some Interesting Products you can Find in the Company Since Play With Diamonds® is the home of Jewries, they have almost every type of jewelry in stock; some of them include: • Ear Jewelry Some of the products in this category include Stud Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Huggie Earrings, and Segment Rings, which also come in different designs and shapes. Some of the famous designed include Stud Earrings with Diamond (White Gold Chain), Stud Earrings with Diamond (Rose Gold Chain), Stud Earrings with Diamond (Yellow Gold Chain), Stud Earrings (White Gold Diamond horseshoes), Stud Earrings SE-07 (White Gold Plain), and many others. As for the Huggies earrings, there are Oval Multi-Stone Huggie Earrings (White Gold Oval), Oval Huggie Earrings (White Gold), CZ Huggie Earrings (Rose Gold), etc. The thing is, the products you find in this section come in varieties – they are just too many. • Body Jewelry This section of the jewelry proves that the company responds well to the increasing demands of body Jewelry in the market. A lot of designs made up this category; some of these popular body pieces of jewelry include Internal Threading Helix Piercing With Diamond (White Gold), Ball with ZC stone for BCR (White Gold), Straight Barbell with 1mm (18G) external threading (Yellow Gold), Internal Banana Shape Bar (White Gold), Internal Jeweled Ball with hoop (Rose Solid Gold), Ball for BCR (White Gold), internal thread 3mm ball with hoop (White Gold), etc. • Gold Nose Rings In the Gold Nose Rings section, you can see some fascinating designs like Circular Nose Hoop With 1.3mm Disk (White Gold), 1.3mm Disk Nose Stud (White Gold), 3 Diamonds Nose Stud (White Gold), Diamond Nose Stud (White Gold), Circular Nose Hoop with 3 Diamonds (yellow gold), etc. One good thing about this is the creativity that comes with each Jewry; the professionalism, the artistry that is integrated into every piece. It is indeed a masterpiece. • Chains This is women's favorite; the aesthesia in each of the chains redefines the term "classy." There are tens of designs stocked in the chains category; some of these popular designs include Star shape Diamond Necklace (White Gold), and lots of associated designs. You can also find some other products like Diamond Jewelry, Rings, and findings, all designed to suit your jewelry teste at Play With Diamonds.
大自然の生み出した芸術を堪能! 山梨宝石博物館
山梨県が、日本の宝飾産業の中心地だというのはなんとなく知っていたのですが博物館があるのは知らなかった〜。 世界中から集めた約500種3,000点のほか、巨大水晶や希少原石などもあって面白そう。写真やビデオの撮影も個人で楽しむのであればオッケーとのことです。 ミュージアムショップの品揃えもすごいらしいし、カフェも併設しているのでじっくりと楽しめそうです。宝飾というとどっちかいうと女性寄りかなと思うけど、鉱物とか地学とか好きだったら男女問わずハマりそう。子供も好きと思います。(確か芦田愛菜ちゃんも鉱物コレクター。) 富士山とセットでいけるのもいいですね。 山梨宝石博物館
Which Sunglasses do will suit Me?
Finding your perfect pair of shades that suit the face shape can become difficult. All you need to do is keep some simple rules in mind when shopping for sunglasses in Pakistan. Make sure that the shape of your face is not the same as the frame. Choosing the wrong style can either accentuate your angles or make your face appear softer than it needs to be. Square Face Square is the most proportionate face shape with a symmetrical forehead and jaw. The cheekbones particularly stand out and look higher than other features. However, such people lack length in their face and need a frame that makes their face appear more elongated. Square sunglasses do not go well with this shape and make this face appear wider than longer. However, black sunglasses in a narrow design can accentuate the features in the best way possible. Round Face This face shape features prominent and wide cheeks with smooth features. Also, the chin appears rounded and the overall shape of the face looks soft. People with this shape should look for a frame with more angular designs. The trendy geometric shapes can also look good on this face. However, stay away from round sunglasses that add more softness. Circle sunglasses only go well with a prominent bone structure instead of a round face. Rectangular A rectangular face is also well proportionate but has more length than width. This shape requires a frame that adds more width to balance all the features. People with this shape can wear small or tiny shades but they should not have an angular design. Moreover, rectangular sunglasses do not suit this shape as they add more length instead of width. Meanwhile, you can opt for rimless rectangle sunglasses since they do not have a defined frame body. Oval Face An oval face is a sort of a mixture of a square and round face. This shape can wear any style of sunglasses due to the soft features and contoured shape. Also, the oval shape is the most ideal of all since every style suits it. People with this shape can wear all designs of sunglasses for women without worrying about the style. Right now, angular and geometric frames are in trend, so you can opt for these shapes of sunglasses.
Why You Need High Quality Labret Jewelry
In the body piercing jewelry industry the labret piercing is one of the most popular styles. Both men and women use such jewelry and the only necessity for such people is finding high quality labret jewelry. The reason for such requirement is that somehow the labret piercing is related to health and well-being of the user. They create wounds that take time to heal and using inferior quality products can do more harm than good. This is especially applicable while buying jewelry like nose rings and the labret stud earrings among others as they come in direct touch with the user’s face. What Is Labret Piercing? Buyers looking for high quality labret jewelry have to understand what it means. Use of jewelry like the labret stud earrings and others involve body piercing; An adornment is attached to keep the body piercing jewelry in place and it is considered to be a soul patch; and Labret jewelry must be of excellent quality to prevent infections and other side effects and that is why people need high quality labret jewelry for using as body piercing jewelry. Finding a Trusted Provider of High Quality Labret Jewelry is Essential The most essential part in the process of buying the qualitative jewelries is finding a trusted provider that can offer items like the labret stud earrings and such others combining quality and affordability. Finding such a provider of high quality body jewelry is necessary because the buyers may not have the skill and expertise to identify high quality nose rings and other body jewelry. A trusted jewelry store can make their life easier taking over the task of providing best quality body jewelry. What Quality Labret Piercing Contains When it comes to buying high quality body jewelry involving body piercing it is necessary learning a bit about what they contain. For instance; the labret stud contains a visual part known as the bead and the hidden part called the disk and a joining part called the barbell in lip piercing jewelry. In any case, irrespective of the type the jewelry should be of high quality. Thus when the buyers are buying high quality nose rings they need to find the rings that won’t create health issues. At the same time they also have to ensure that the rings purchased are trendy and not lagging behind in fashion statements. The recent trend in the market favors clipping of body jewelry instead of piercing. The reason is that body piercing is painful and wounds take time to heal. On the other hand body jewelry using clips of different types including magnetic clips are easy to use though they do not give the feeling of making the jewelry used a part of user’s body. The trend is clearly visible in the wholesale body jewelry market these days. Know more Visit:
細くて、ごつごつしていないリングやネックレスって一つ持っていると、重宝しますよね♡ もしくは、重ねづけしても可愛い。写真のリングは、工房cobacoのサイトで確認できます。 ネックレスもおすすめ!下の写真です! プラス3240円で、石をダイアモンドに変更できます^^ 特別なプレゼントにも、自分へのご褒美にも、あったらテンションが上がる一品ですね。 2本使いに最高に合う、華奢リング。これは、その代表例ですね! Joueteのセットリングです。在庫はわずかですが、また入荷されることを願って…! 2000円以下で買えるこのセットリングは、BLISS POINTのもの。 今は、セール中で810円です! まだ持ってない人は、一つだけでも持っておくとかなり役立つこと間違いなし♡ おすすめの華奢ジュエリーがある方は、ぜひ教えてください〜!
1点もののヴィンテージジュエリーを取り扱っているショップです! ★キャットブローチ ¥4,860 税込。 細部まで作り込まれたブローチ。 お魚さんがユラユラとゆれるそうです。凝ってますね〜。 ★オーロララインストーン☆ネックレス&イヤリングセット ¥21,600 税込 ちょっとお高いですが、結婚パーティーなどフォーマルな場にピッタリではないでしょうか。 これに使われているラインストーンは、虹色に輝くオーロララインストーンなので、どんなコーディネートにも合わせられます。 ★ディズニーミニーパール風船ブローチ ¥7,560 税込 出ました!ミニーちゃん! ただのミニーちゃんブローチだと大人はつけられませんが、ヴィンテージものなら、コーディネートできますね。これぞ、ヴィンテージアクセサリーの醍醐味。 風船部分はパールだそうです♪ Attireine(アティレーヌ)