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Experience the beauty of NY through a bollywood romantic song i love bollywood romantic song videos its exciting adventurous they end up shooting and standing in the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world i d k how they get the prmission but they do lol i love the video of this song bcs SRK stand and shot walking standing on most dangerous and yet beautiful sides of brooklyn bridge I LOVE NY its my city so i love dis video :) u will experience a way 2 c NY u have nvr seen bfr bcs after all its a bollywood song and u will only c dis in a bollywood song Enjoy the video :) <3
@gabyrich lol sonu nigam the singer nd Shahrukh khan the actor also known as Srk :-):-)♥ enjoy
By the way, do you know the names of the actor and the singer? You should include it on the card--I'd love to look into their other works! Thanks @saharhyunjoong! ~
Beautiful song! And such a unique setting--New york city! Thanks for posting!
@saharhyunjoong thank you! Looking forward to seeing more cards on Bollywood =)