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Dan McCormack's started a Pokémon lego project and has been gaining a lot of attention. His LEGO models are popular enough to launch a LEGO Ideas campaign based on his make of Paras (First Picture). If McCormack's model of Paras can receive 10,000 votes of support, it will be submitted for official review by The Lego Group, and possibly turned into an official LEGO set for development and sale. You can vote here:
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@ettekeeg do you think lego would be able to get the permissions needed to actually market a pokemon design?
4 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones He looks nothing like arcanine, I just like having a dog as a companion. Lol :) @mcgraffy I think it would be pretty difficult to gain the rights to be able to market and sell Pokemon specific lego designs. It would cost Lego some dough, and that's only if Nintendo says it's okay. @TeamWaffles may know more, but I know Nintendo is pretty strict with licensing
4 years ago·Reply
@dillonk That's what I was thinking, but maybe there's already some company relationships in place that might let lego manage this.
4 years ago·Reply
@mcgraffy We can only hope!
4 years ago·Reply
@dillonk I guess if he wins the content, we'll know soon if this kind of things is a possibility.
4 years ago·Reply