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While it may not also be the most talked about lure, Al's Goldfish is a proven classic for catching trout, especially brown trout, and it will always probably be a favorite of trout fisherman. You can catch rainbow, flathead, brown, marble. brook, bull, lake trout and more. This lure's success is largely because of its color! While available in more than just gold, the gold flash that this lure produces in the water consistently attracts trout of all kind. This lure was especially popular up through the 1970s, but it is still just as effective now as it was then; and still being produced. That means people are still buying, using and succeeding with this lure. As you can see in the video on slide 2, the company is now making some updated versions of the classic as well. I still love the original gold. The thick body of 3/16 or even heavier molds cause it to run deep. An especially effective way to fish this lure is to cast across stream, and use some tip manipulation to get it to stutter across the bottom. Try this, and if there are trout around, they'll be biting. You might even get a smallmouth or two.
@fallingwater agree! This is the reason I asked my uncles if they can give me some lures lol....anything they recommend should be proven trueml.
the classic lures always seem to be the proven ones. newer just come and go in fads, right?