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One of the ways of getting closer to your child is going on a fishing trip together. There are so many things you can learn from each other, so many things you can tell each other. It is an opportunity to know each other better and know what has been happening in each other’s lives.

It is also an opportunity to know the things that each other wants or needs and other interests. Imagine it. Being on a boat or on a pier, fishing rods in hands and fishing, nice breeze against your faces, the water spread out in front of you. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

If it is going to be the very first fishing trip you will be taking your child to, there are several tips you should put in mind which will help you make that fishing trip a blast. Your child will love the experience so much that he or she would want to do it again and will never forget it.

1. Keep Your Expectations Low
This is very important. You have to put it in mind that it is the first time and most people do not get things or learn quickly the first time. You have to keep your expectations low.

If you expect fireworks or something tangible, you will become disappointed. Keeping your expectations means having patience. Think about this: How do you feel when you see disappointment in a person’s face, especially a person who is teaching you about some things?

The same way you would feel is what your child will feel is he or she sees the disappointment in your face when you have first expectations in a first trip. This could lead to loss of confidence and the fishing trip will become boring.

2. Safety should be considered first
You wouldn’t want your child to get hurt right? Imagine a kid falling into the water the first time he or she goes on a fishing trip. Or imagine trying to reel in a big fish and the child gets hurt instead. That is enough to put off the child from any future fishing trip.
To prevent such an experience, you need to make sure that the safety around the fishing area is top notch. It doesn’t matter where you are fishing, either on a boat, canoe, pier or on the banks of a small pond, make sure there is nothing that can cause harm to your child.

3. Make fishing gear easy and simple
Your child is not a professional fisherman or fisherwoman, if you will. This is the first time, a new experience. You cannot compare that experience to the experience of a person who has been fishing for a very long time. in that case, if you want the fishing trip to be enjoyable, you need to make sure everything is easy and simple.

The fishing gear is important in this case. The gear has to be very simple and very easy to use. This will encourage interest in the child and he or she would want to do and know more.

4. More than fishing
Another way to make the fishing trip a blast is for you to remember that it is simply more than fishing. As mentioned earlier, the fishing trip is an avenue to know more about each other, your likes, dislikes, fears, secrets, cries for help and so on.

Knowing this will encourage you to be enthusiastic and happy and the feeling will surely infect your child too. Before you know it, both of you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and keep loving memories.

5. No need to force your kid to fish
Keep in mind that your child has several interests and fishing may not be one of his or her favorite hobbies. It may be easy to notice too and if you can’t notice it, you can easily ask him or her.

Your child might not like fishing at all and may be doing it to please you. If your child doesn’t like fishing, you shouldn’t force him or her to. You can just use the opportunity to get closer to him or her anyway. Remember that when you force someone to do something, the person will not like the experience.

6. Grow kid’s patience
One of the advantages of fishing is that it teaches patience. It takes luck sometimes to catch a fish in the water; one needs to be very patient and there is a lot of waiting. You can easily teach your child this.

Once your child learns patience in fishing, he or she will be able to apply it to other areas of his life and it will benefit him or her in the future.

7. Happy trip is the important
Imagine going on a trip and having no trace of happiness; that is the sign of a failed trip. For the fishing trip to be a blast, it must be full of happiness. Once your child and you are happy, you can conclude that the trip is successful.

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