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My girlfriend and I have decided that we are finally going to get serious and train for a half marathon. I surf, do yoga, and hike, but running 13.1 miles is a totally different story. I'll be participating in the Summer Spectacular Half Marathon at Huntington Beach this August and need to start running...now. I'll be posting about my experience with an 8-week plan starting next Monday. If anyone has any marathon running experience, or really any long distance running tips, I'd really appreciate it. My legs are sore just thinking about this. Here we go!
Wow a half marathon through Huntington Beach?! Sounds gorgeous!
@nokcha @Nisfit @onesmile Luck is better than nothing! I'll need it haha
All I can is good luck!! I'll try to comment some encouragement but I can't provide much advice!
8 weeks is a totally do-able time to get ready for a half marathon! Glad you're giving yourself this much time to prepare :)
Good luck! I'm not much of a runner but the 5K that I did was a blast!