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Tuesdays and Thursdays are long distance run days. Take these at a comfortable pace, you aren't trying to beat any time records here. Each week builds in distance until the day of the race. You'll find that once you get into it, five miles on the 7th week won't be hard at all! Week 1 - 2 miles Week 2 - 2.5 miles Week 3 - 3 miles Week 4 - 3.5 miles Week 5 - 4 miles Week 6 - 4.5 miles Week 7 - 5 miles Week 8 - 2 miles (back to the beginning, this will feel like a piece of cake!) I'll be running a few loops in Elings Park here in Santa Barbara because it is flat and thus easy for rusty runners like me. Try to find an area around you that doesn't have hills that will get in your way. Most men who are in shape (so, hopefully me) can run two miles in under 12 minutes, so try to pace yourself to maintain this pace. Thanks to my planning ahead on my rest days, I have great power meals waiting for me at home. Keep hydrated, stretch AFTER you run, and listen to your body - don't be afraid to stop and catch your breath.
@happyrock I am aiming to increase my pace slowly. When I run my 2 mile again on week 8 I hope to have at keast a 45 second improvement on my time. But keep it in your comfort zone. Once you find the right pace your heart rate will settle down and you wont tire out as fast.
@pipeline good idea lol setting a goal for a small time increase between weeks 1 and 8 will also measure how effective it was at both training your body and improving your time
I like that this plan only pushes you to add .5 mile each week-some plans rise too quickly for me. Should you increase your pace each week as well?