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The last day of the week brings one of the most challenging tasks...the longest distance run. These distances may seem intimidating, but as you build up to it you'll be surprised that you can handle these runs. Week 1 - 4 miles Week 2 - 5 miles Week 3 - 6 miles Week 4 - 7 miles Week 5 - 8 miles Week 6 - 9 miles Week 7 - 10 miles Week 8 - DAY OF THE RACE Disregarding the incline column of this chart since I will be running outdoors where I can't exactly control the hills, I plan to use this to pace myself as I run. I adjust this depending on the distance. Does anyone else have experience running distances and pacing themselves? I'm notorious for starting out fast and burning out half way through.
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I love interval training! I try to do that on the elliptical.