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5 Best Websites to Learn Typing

In today’s digital world, typing has become an essential skill for everyone. Having a fluent typing speed adds a plus point to one’s literacy. Because of advancement in the digital world, most of the works has become less of handwriting than typing. The decline in the use of handwritten texts in official, industrial, and social sections has increased the demand for learning typing amongst people. Eventually, in recent times, learning to type makes a person more productive.

Learning typing is an easy task if practiced regularly. The main thing one needs to learn is the placement of keys on a Keyboard. Not only does it makes you a better typist, but eventually gets you a typing job, know more. If you, too, are thinking of learning typing, you no longer need to take offline classes. It has become easy because of the availability of some websites which are designed to teach typing.

Here are the 5 best websites for learning typing:

This website is very simple and helpful. Its UI is suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, it features both Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard types. Powertyping has lessons for every level, from basic typing lessons to touch typing lessons.

Here are some features of Power Typing:
Typing games to make lessons entertaining.
Teaches from basics to pro-levels

It is currently the best website to learn typing with the highest user base. The UI is good, and most of the features are easy to access. Moreover, it has three categories based on your skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Here are some features of

Added typing tutorials to make typing easier for beginners.
It has some extra options to teach proper communication, basic coding, and time-saving tips.
Includes typing tests and games.

This website is perfect for intermediates. It has several typing lessons that are designed to enhance your typing speed. Moreover, it has eight different languages other than English. Here are some features of Typingclub:

Includes story mode to make learning interesting.
Includes a variety of keyboard options designed for different languages.
It has typing games, tests, and practice articles to make learning easier.

4- Keybr

KeyBr is well known for its interface. This website is perfect for beginners. It has some unique features like red color alerts when you type any wrong key. Keybr allows you to copy any paragraph from the internet of your choice. Thus, allowing you to practice typing with your preferred content.

5- Typing Speed Test

If you are done with the basics and are looking to learn touch writing, then the typing speed test is the best website for you. This website focuses on increasing your typing speed. It has time-trials which helps you to know your typing speed and work on it.

Last Words

All the websites mentioned above are good only if you practice there regularly. Eventually, it depends on your practice hours. The more you practice, the faster you learn.
That’s all we’ve got with the best websites to learn typing. We hope this article was helpful.