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I only came across this song because of the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but I'm really addicted to it! The back beats and tempo changes in the song are really catchy. And, if you listen to the lyrics, they're about a norse myth, like a few other of Of Monsters and Men's songs!
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Love of monsters and men! Great song @onesmile
@dillonk which songs your favorite? I really love Phantom even though its a bit sad and haunting. it reminds me to always keep going for my dreams so I dont feel that way!!
@onesmile I would have to say King and Lionheart because of personal connections to the song. Seriously almost brings me to tears every time....or Mountain Sound because it's SO CATCHY. "Hold your horses now, sleep until the sun goes down!"
@dillonk yes!! mountain sound is seriously catchy!! thats a song I can always turn on and never skip in my playlist