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This is a pretty cool photo essay posted over at thekitchenrag showing some options for backpacking food that doesn't require cooking utensils, but also keeps you healthy during your trip. Best of all, it's all food that would be good just to eat at home as well! Check out some of the foods featured. 1) Bagel, lightly toasted (you can still add butter!) 2) Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich, with flax seeds to get some fiber. 3) Avocado with sea salt and brewer's yeast. 4) Trail mix (this one is sprouted almonds, raw cashews, dried figs, dates, pumpkin seeds, coconut shavings, and a little salt) 5) Ham and swiss rolls (note: only keep if the temperatures aren't getting too hot) 6) Tuna salad with rehydrated tomatoes, raw Parmesan and a little mustard. Try this out next time you go hiking, or, you want a healthy, easy, snack.
@onesmile as long as you dont smell any mold, or see any mold, its probably fine :)
@happyrock dairy products keep in the warmth. huh! ha no idea. I'm not sure ill be trying it soon but thanks!!
@onesmile yeah cheese and dairy produts actually keep without refrigeration for quite a while like @pipeline mentioned-as long as its sealed! you can eat yogurt far past its expiration date.
@pipeline you are a braver soul than me! but I guess since I know you and @happyrock have both survived it I can be a little more sure next time.
I would have never though ham can be packed without refrigeration~you said not too long, but how long is too long??
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