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Woah! I guess I haven't read any of Murakami's memoirs, so I wouldn't know this, but I had no idea that he was a runner! It turns out, he has tried to run a marathon every year! Even when he is working on a book, he keeps to running 60K a week. For him, it's about the regularity. That kind of dedication to both writing and running is seriously impressive! He also has a memor, When I Talk about Running, all about preparing for one of his marathons! It was really cool to hear what he listens to while he runs, too, check out one of his answers from the interview here: "Do you listen to jazz or any other kind of music? I normally listen to rock while running. I found that the simpler the rhythm, the better. For example, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Mellencamp or The Beach Boys. I record this music on MD disks so I can listen to them with my Walkman on my run. There was this one time when I tried a 100K ultramarathon, I was tempted to listen to Mozart's Magic Flute from the beginning to the end, but I gave up on it in the middle of the course. It was exhausting. Since then I found opera not to be a good fit for running." A 100K ultramarthon?! Insanity! @pipeline maybe you can use this as motivation!
@greggr @fallingwater He really goes into detail with even the little things, like describing which Tokyo subway lines a character has to take to go from place to place. You're right, it makes it feel so much more real.
"What I Think About When I Talk About Running" is next on my reading list.
@pipeline its often the details that make a story! an awesome plot with no background or world development isnt going to be any good in the long run
Murakami's depth of experience in more than just writing is what makes his writing so great, I think. he's able to casually pull from so much experience and it feels very real.
@greggr it seems that many of the the best authors have dabbled in all sorts of hobbies and jobs, so I think you're onto something!
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