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Doctor Stranger brings a fresh plot with its melodrama scenes and beautiful actors/actress. The ending for this drama is by far a no giver and unpredictable. On the latest episodes there has been a twist in the plot and it's reaching the climax point of the drama; while it's leaving puzzles pieces hanging around. (SPOILER ALERT): 1) What really happen to Jae? Is she really...dead? 2) People are beginning to ship Soo with Park, because of the chemistry that is being created between them; but I still prefer Park with Jae...even though I don't know if there is going to be much of a relationship. Who do you prefer? 3) Have you guys heard the amazing OST? It's just mind blowing! The video on top is the first track of the OST which is sung by Bobby Kim and it is amazing! Well, that is all I will say for now; I'll try to do a full recap of next weeks episode, but for now enjoy the OST. Peace :) P.S. sorry for not updating that often....
very twisting story i hope its not a sadstory im really waiting for it
@hyunsaeng638 I hope it's not sad either.