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Shunji tries to shoot Gaksital but he throws his father at him instead and strikes both of them. He then escapes but his hurt by Hongu's servant's sword and is then pinned by all the imperial soldiers.. it looks like its the end for Gaksital..... Baekkon climbs up the electric post and cuts the power. Gaksital escapes! Mokdan's father's helper throws in a grenade before the doors close and BOOM! explosion! How did she do? did she kill the imperialist chiefs? All the while mokdan is outside waiting nervously. She sees a truck pass by with her dad in it. Gaksital and Mokdans fathers helper comes outside to meet them. Mokdan notices that gaksital got hurt, but he runs away. Mokdan and her crew get in the car and chase after her father. Kangto dresses in his uniform and straps his wound an starts to beat himself to look like he got injured. The lights turn back on and the banquet hall is a mess! many imperialists are dead. Shunji wakes to try to look for Gaksital, he angrily elbows Kangto right where he got cut... he starts to bleed. He almost gets figured out by Shunji, but luckily he hides his arm. All the major chiefs still survive, especially those that are the korean imperialists, which Hongju is unhappy about. The Chosun General still lives. (They refer to him as "KaKa") The general decides to fire Kimura from his position because he did not do his job of taking care of Gaksital, it was his job. Back at the village they get news that the rebellion army has thrown a grenade into the imperial banquet, they rejoice. Kimura is relieved of his duty and position, his son is shocked. Kangto visits the rich man and woman, they are glad because they are sure he can protect them and give them news. Kangto says the two of them should be more careful and that kangto will help them, but it must be kept a secret, in order to protect them better. Shunji comes to visit them as well!! Luckily Kangto has won their trust first. Kangto escapes out the back and Shunji gets nothing. Back at base, Shunji decides to talk with Kangto. Shunji asks where kangto was when Gaksital appeared. He said he escorted their guest to the bathroom and came back to get hurt. Shunji accepts it and says he wants to know exactly where Gaksital is and what his plans are. Kangto understands. Shunji goes down and kangto to follow to the torturing chambers to mokdans father. he wants kangto to interrogate then punish if necessary. Mokdan's father says "long time no see" Kangto tries to pressure her father toward his motives.Shunji hears it and gets angry because her father wants only the future of chosun and the ridding of slave ruled people. Shunji says to the soldiers to rid of Mokdans father. Kangto says no, it will only cause problems. Shunji says whos side are you on? If you really are of our army, put the father in the spike cage. Kangto gets furious and says "Hey you bastard, if you are serious about catching Gaksital stop messing with me and with this guy" Because that was the mission. Kangto apologizes and asks for this one request to believe Kangto. Shunji leaves Kangto and the prisoner. Mokdan and her army goes to her circus father and tells him the news. Mokdan asks for funds and he says he will try to take a bit from the circus fund to help her out. On the road, a boy and a circus girl are walking, the boy says how awesome shunji teacher was, because the current teacher hits and beats students but shunji never did. Shunji passes by and notices he is stone cold. He cries. The circus father asks if it's okay if he takes one months funds, everyone agrees except for the bad circus girl. Shunji comes in and asks for the father to leave for a bit, he needs to talk to him alone. Kangto asks mokdans father, if you live this way, do you think you can succeed? He answers with, a rock has nothing, but an egg, even though it breaks, still exists, and in an egg, lies life. Then in comes the circus father with Shunji. Shunji brought him for further interrogation of where Gaksital is. Shunji asks Kangto to lock up Mokdans dad in a prison cell. Things are not going as Kangto planned and he is extremely stressed. Down at the torture chamber, Shunji asks circus father where Mokdan is. He looks over at the spike box and says to put him in there. He's suffering! =( Shunji is so mean! He thanks him coming out of the chambers, looks like he finally gave in =( oh no. Shunji knows where Mokdan is??? Kangto asks mokdans father where mokdan is, its for the sake of mokdans life. Shunji over hears this. OH NO!! Is Kangto's cover blown?! ---End of Episode 14 ---- Preview will be available in the coming days. Thanks everyone again for watching. Enjoy the rest of the week! bye.
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