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These photos are a little creepy, but I really like them at the same time. What do you think? These photos were taken by Brian K. FlickR username:Bwwack
@imliz I'm definitely digging this project! It's almost like a traumatic childhood experience lived through toys, and it's terrifying. I would say the most successful images are those with very vivid blacks that almost distort the toys face/figure. However, that would get a little redundant if all the images are like that, so I think there is room to add some quality images to this series
Creepy... Barbie is going to haunt me in my dreams
@dillonk I like some of the other ones besides the dark black ones, but I see what you're getting at. @onesmile #6 stuck out to me too! I thought it would be better if Toad wasn't there though, like this
@onesmile @Sjeanyoon @imliz @dillonk Thanks guys. I whipped this up really quick so I'm glad you all like it.
@hunahuna Nice! That is along the line of what I was thinking. Not too obvious, definitely creepy.
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