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12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Day 7) 18+

Plot: Once upon a night the stars shined so bright, that even on a camp night, you were fooled to believe beautiful amber eyes were that of your best friend. Little did you know he was so much more… in more ways than one.

DAY 6: Wonho
Rated 18: Sensual Content


These past 6 days have been insane. I was sitting in a chair facing the beautiful view I had of the city. I was beating myself up for sleeping with every single one of them, but then I’ll remember that I didn’t regret any of it. Though now I was a bit unsure of the offer I got from DPR for work.

I was sipping on hot chocolate as I watched the snow dance in the air over the city, when my I noticed a chocolate appear on top of the hot coco’s whip cream. I chuckled when I realized it was from the calendar. I happily ate the milk chocolate with moose filling.

Once it had finally melted away, a knock on the door grabbed my attention. I checked the screen that show it was Wonho, looking around. I was actually getting used to the celebrities popping up here and there now. When I open the door, Wonho was down on one knee and holding up a bouquet of beautiful red and white roses, in front of me.

“Y/N noona, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend for a day?”

I giggled at how adorable this man was being with me. “Did you ask my grandma to make your chocolate appear so you can ask me out?” Wonho looked away as his expression gave him away. “I would love to be your girlfriend for the day.” He looked back up at me excitedly. I took the flowers from him, and invited him inside, as I picked out a vase for the flowers.

“You got a really night place for a roof top apartment.”

I smiled at him as I looked up from the flowers. “Yeah, this is where the rest of my inheritance went to. My late father was amazing and left me enough for college and extra for after. I used it to buy the building and remodel this place.” Wonho looked at me surprised by my words, whilst I rubbed the back of my neck. “What do you do with the renter’s money?” He seem curious as he took a seat at the counter.

“I save it for the tenants. So if something happens to their apartment. It will go to repairs, and upgrades when requested. I don’t really charge much either since I like to make my own money out there too. The only thing I don’t cover for them is electric and heating.”

Wonho was in awe of how I run the building. “Do you got an empty unit? I would love to move in here, after hearing that statement.” I giggled and shook my head. “Sorry, my tenants actually are happy here, and have lived here long before I purchase the building.” Wonho pouted and nodded his head.

“Is this the only building you own?”

I nodded my head before getting home some hot chocolate to drink. “One building is enough. I don’t have to worry about where I live, and no one can control me.” Wonho raised an eyebrow and tilt his head, as I gave him the hot coco with the works.


I sighed and nodded my head as my answer. “I’m glad you got away from that toxic live style. As well as employment I hear.” Of course these boys talk to one another. The thought I had that made me feel dirty came back again. Did he know I slept with the others?

“Penny for your thoughts?” Wonho seem to noticed the shift in my mood. “You talk to the others, am I wrong?” He nodded his head but seem puzzled as to where I was going with this. “Did they tell you about what kind of dates they had with me?” Wonho took a deep breath before giving me full attention. “If you are wondering if I know everything, I do.”

I hung my head in shame, especially when he was being so serious. “I’m not going to hold the fact that you slept with them against you though. Sometimes it was out of desire, sometimes it was out of pure emotion. Honestly you’re being smart about it, so how can I get annoy by it.” He said calmly, yet I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him.

Wonho leaned over towards me, and lifted my head with his index under my chin. “I mean it, none of us are going to hold it against you. We know you’re not like other girls, noona. Nothing wrong with having some action when its in the air.” He smiled at me, making me feel less nasty about my actions.

“Now how about you give me a tour of your neighborhood. I saw you got some amazing shops around here.”

I nodded in agreement before grabbing my jacket and heading out with Wonho. He was in awe at all the small businesses there were around. Even the stalks caught his attention. We order some chicken and beer though from a small restaurant and brought it back to my place.

We put on a good K-Movie, and started to gnaw away at the chicken, whilst chugging the bear. We even play a beer drinking game for the heck of it. Spending time with Wonho was a breath of fresh air. He was so layback and chill, that it felt like we were long time friends. I really did love hanging out with him this whole day.

Wonho even got me to change into my workout clothes so that he could help my fitness level improve. He just took his shirt off since he was already wearing sweatpants. “Look at you.” He said before he gave a wolf whistle. “Its it bad I work out on a sports bra and leggings?” He just shook his head before taking my hand.

He made sure I was doing the technique correctly, but I noticed he would look away at most times. Allow me to admire how beautifully well sculpted his six-pack turned out. He caught me checking him out and smirked, as I looked away and went back to my work out.

“Go ahead, you can touch them, They’re real.”

I looked up at him after my recent push up confused. “I believe they are real. I just admired your progress. I just hope I can be as fit at you.” He arched an eyebrow, but his smirk never left. “Noona, you are perfect the way you are.” Wonho licked his lips as he check me out. “There isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t mental wish they had a woman with your figure.”

The blush was definitely on my face after that compliment. “You actually have no idea how much will power it is taking me not to touch you inappropriately.” I stood up in front of him, as his eyes wonder over my body. He jerked a bit when I rested my hand on his abs. “This is fit.” I took his hand and rest it on my stomach. “It is bless to be a small tummy.”

Wonho chuckled, as he hand moved from my stomach to my waist and pulled me in closed towards him. “And now I found your tiger strips. That just show me, you have done your best to stay as fit and healthy as you can.” I felt shy a bit as both his hands found ran up my hips to under my sports bra.

“Noona, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to control myself any longer.”

He inform me, before his lips found their home on mine. His lips were as soft and smooth as the moose chocolate that I ate to summon him. My hands ran up his check, until my arms wrap around his neck. Welcoming the soft and sweet kiss that soon started to travel towards my neck.

When a moan escape my lips, he glided his tongue up along my neck, sending shivers down my spine. “You taste so sweet I can’t hold back no more.” My back met the couch, as he tower over me. His hand rested on my breast and massage one of them, as I welcome the war his tongue wanted to start.

I swear this man was made out of chocolate because that was how sweet he tasted. I was so perfectly distracted that I didn’t even notice his hands slip down my pants, and two fingers slide inside of me. A moan vibrated against our lips, as my back arched. He wasn’t planning to break the kiss either, as his fingers worked my core, like they belong to him.

My mind became clouded, as I finally broke the kiss to throw my head back from my climax. He licked up my neck and over my chin before I felt his hands pulling down my leggings. “I love knowing I can please you so damn well, noona.” He whispered into my ear, as his hand returned to my heat. Just simply rubbing the entrance though.

His way of distracting me again and making me gasp from how massive he was inside of me. “Holy shit, you’re tight.” I shook my head, making him look a bit concern he said or did something wrong. “You’re just massive, how the heck did you fit inside of me.” A chuckle escaped Wonho’s mouth before he started to thrust his hips against mine.

Oh the level is pleasure that came from him was mind blowing. “Y/N, you have no idea how mind blowing you are to me right now.” I looked up at him and saw a passion of love over lust directed towards me. His hand caressed my cheek, but his hips never stopped moving smoothly.

“Don’t ever let this go in any other direct. Cause I’m making love to you because I want to be one with you. So don’t be surprised if you choose me. I’m taking you straight back into the bedroom.”

Wonho’s words touch my heart and soul, that made me feeling like trash go out the window. I brought his face down to peck his lips, as we kept making love though the entire night. Yeah, we stopped to cook ourselves so food, but he couldn’t keep his hands off me. He was loving how I cooked in his button up dress shirt.

He made me feel like we were a marry couple on their honeymoon. It was a whole different level of affect, that I could only dream of having come my way. Each of these guys were different in so many ways. Even their chocolates match their person.

As Wonho and I cuddled in bed and watched a movie. I played with is hair, as he slept in my embrace. Soon enough I join him, hoping tomorrow was just as amazing today was with Wonho. Though know very well, they would be very different.

5 more days until I had to pick one for Christmas…

And maybe my forever.

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Talking Body Q&A Questions Answered
Talking Body Q&A So, after a week of family and school finishing up, I am back. First with my Q&A and then off to finish chapter 10. With summer break I am now able to sit and write to my hearts content. Without further ado I present the TB Q&A. I was hoping for more questions, but I only got one. So, the nine other questions I found and felt like I could answer them. If you didn’t get the chance, you can comment below, and I will answer them. Again, the questions can be about the story, characters, or personal but not to personal I may not answer. Q: My first and only question was from @MelissaGarza My question is where did you get your inspiration for this story? A: I got my inspiration from watching a BTS FMV by datjimilly. In was the year 2017 and I was packing up my apartment and one night out of the blue I watched one of their videos and it clicked. I opened my computer and started to write. From there I wrote the ideas that popped in my head. Q: My second question is about my characters did I base them off my personal experience? A: Yes and no. the only thing that was personal was Ji Su’s job. When I was a kid, I dreamt to be a fashion designer. I used to draw outfits; I still do for fun. Reason for not pursuing it, well I was good a drawing but sewing them together was a struggle. Q: Third question Do I visualize what I write? A: Well, I don’t want to sound like pervert, but I do see images in my head while I write. Within the first chapter I imagined Ji Su sitting at the bar thinking of ways Jae could die from breaking up with her and Jungkook just happens to be sitting near her. Yes, that scene plays in my head just thinking about it. Q: Fourth question What resources did I use? A: For one music just sitting down and listening to the lyrics help place ideas. Two I am an avid reader if I’m not writing I am reading and some of those scenes within books help me play out some of those steamy scenes that I write. Third would be dramas or movies that I watch. Lastly Pinterest and all the ideas that pop up and in need to look and share. Q: Fifth question How long have I been writing Fan fiction? A: I have been writing and reading fan fiction since 2010. So about 12 years and counting. My first fan fiction that I wrote and achieved some success was I Don’t Need Anyone starring Kim Woo Bin. I wrote this story 13 years ago. Rereading it now shows how amateurish when it comes to writing. I think I am better now. Q: Sixth question Are there easter eggs within Talking Body? A: I can only tell you there is some. Like why is Taehyung disappearing all the time??? Or is this girl group that I created could of the members be a love interest for a future story??? I guess you’ll find out as the Talking Body Universe plays out. Q: Seventh question How do I put each chapter together? A: I will be honest I talk to myself and write down ideas that I want to add. I even take walks just to process how to put the chapters together. Q: Eighth question How does music play within Talking Body? A: Music has always been a part of any story that I write. With TB I try to have music to set the mood of each scene. Q: Ninth question Did I ever have a dream that ties into the story? A: Yes, chapter 10 in the original version. In the dream it was Jungkook and Ji Su confessing that what they have is more then a physical thing. Q: Tenth and final question Have I had any though of making a trailer for Talking Body? A: Yes, I have thought about it and reason for not making one is pretty simple really can’t make one. I don’t have the right programs to make one. However, I do wise for one to be made. I know wishful thinking. I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A. Again, if there is any more questions you would like to ask comment and if you just want to share what you like so far go ahead and comment. Also thank you @MelissaGarza for participating! Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon