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Prompt: Each and everyone on of us has had the experience of disagreeing with somebody, be it a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Think about an emotional disagreement, and write a short inner monologue about the disagreement. Suggested time: 1-3 minutes. Feel free to share your writing exercise; I'll comment mine as well. Let's keep writing together.
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@onesmile Yes, I was! Good catch. Glad my point came across well. @moya23 Interesting! There seem to be quite a few people affecting the way this inner dialogue goes for you--I hope there was a peaceful resolution.
@greggr I only got it because you left us some major clues lol ;) @moya23 I can really relate to your situation-good job!! I know that my inner mind gets so worked up in situations like that
It wasn't that I wasn't ready to talk to you, it was that I wasn't ready to disappoint you. Couldn't you feel my hesitation as you asked me what was wrong? Couldn't you sense my heart, throbbing through layers of sweaters only keeping in the cold radiating from my bones? Couldn't you feel anything?
@timeturnerjones: aaa beautiful. I could feel it :D
@timeturnerjones Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I love the way you used repetition in the language.