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Prompt: Think of the first flower that left an impression on you; why do you remember it? What makes its identity so memorable? Write a few sentences about the flower, and be sure to stir up the senses. Suggested length: 5 sentences. Feel free to share your writing exercise; I'll comment mine as well. Let's keep writing together.
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@timeturnerjones No worries; I'm glad you have joined in now. Beautiful! I can just imagine how it used to smile down at you. Let me try now. "For me, the first flowers were those some refuse to call flowers: the dandelions that popped their heads up into the grass each year. They popped their heads up into the yard, and then we took our grubby hands and popped the heads of the dandelions."
@greggr thank you, but I like yours better sir haha :)
Interesting! I'm gonna write about an interesting flower, instead, because I can't remember my first. "After you tucked a flower behind my hair, laughed and called it cute, I didn't want to take it out. Even when you left the park that day, with someone else, i kept the flower in my hair. I took it out of my hair, gently, and placed it on my nightstand. Even after it died and its leaves withered and I forgot where it came from, it remained on my nightstand-a reminder of what never was.
@onesmile thank you for joining! What an interesring way to write about loss, and how even if we don't remember it, it can still leave an imprint.
@greggr thanks!! Definitely agree--this is true, and the loss didn't really affect me, but I remember that flower