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Prompt: Write a few sentence introduction or summary of a family story that is consistently retold, passed down and shared. But remember: make it true! Try to latch on to the truth of the story, and pass that on to the reader. Recommended Time: 3-5 minutes. Feel free to share your writing exercise; I'll comment with mine as well. Let's keep writing together. This prompt is inspired by a writing prompt given by Jessica Kluthe.
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@onesmile Thank you, and thank you for trying this out. I really like how you conveyed your doubt of your family's stories. I can definitely relate to that. @goyo Hah! You don't have to call me Sir, either. Greg is just fine with me. What an interesting story you shared! I don't think my family stories have ever had the same thrill. The image of him rolling over a hill might show up in my dreams!
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@greggr yes I'll post it in my own card
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@moya23 Would you mind sharing it as a comment here instead? It would be great if we can read everyone's stories in one place!
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@greggr it seems that now that I know you are a sir, I am not able to go back lol either way yes I have a ton of those stories... lol
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@greggr Hmm actually, I've posted it in my card,because it's related to one of my favorite song "Dance with my father" . can have my story there. :)
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