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Prompt: Write a few sentence introduction or summary of a family story that is consistently retold, passed down and shared. But remember: make it true! Try to latch on to the truth of the story, and pass that on to the reader. Recommended Time: 3-5 minutes. Feel free to share your writing exercise; I'll comment with mine as well. Let's keep writing together. This prompt is inspired by a writing prompt given by Jessica Kluthe.
@greggr should I also call you sir? As for my prompt: My family is a first generation immigrant family, and while many people could say that, not many would openly admit to illegal immigration across the border (no INS here right? lol). Well my family has too many illegal immigration stories, but my favorite is of my uncle who was being snuck in the back of a van in Mexico. It seems while they were passing along, some of the Mexican police got tipped off, and started to follow their van. At this moment, I do not know why, the van never thought to stop or pull over to let them out, rather the driver ordered my uncle and his "illegal friends" to open the side door. In about 5 seconds, my uncle kind of did a cannon ball straight into the side of a road. The side of the road, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately lol) was a hill, so he rolled down the hill in the cannon ball position. Dangerous yes, but much better than having to be dragged back to a mexican prison to await deportation...
@greggr only because you asked, I'll give it a shot haha!! I really love your attempt! ^^ The idea of memories "not yet learning to really talk hold and linger" is a really unique way of saying you just can't possibly remember hahaha~ Everyone has always said that I used to try to keep bees as pets, but I'm afraid of them now and don't believe it. Why would I want to keep something that stings and hurts and is just kind of terrifying to hold? My aunts like to remind me of a day when I was 6/7 and I heard bees buzzing nearby, and ran to get a bucket to collect them all. They always laugh about how they didn't tell me I wouldn't be able to keep bees in a bucket. They all tell me this story over, and over, but I don't believe them, still. Who would try to keep bees in a bucket?
okay Mr. Greg...I'll try and let you know hahaha.
@moya23 @onesmile It would be great to see you both try out this prompt! I thought it might be fun if we all get back to writing more together. I hope you find this prompt inspiring, or at least, able to get your started.
@greggr Hmm actually, I've posted it in my card,because it's related to one of my favorite song "Dance with my father" . can have my story there. :)
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